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I am single: Get me out of here!!

Ever wondered why they are so many single guys and ladies in the church? Do they have unrealistic expectations? Is there really a lack of the opposite sex? Are they TOOO comfortable with being single? Have the men simply lost thier … Continue reading

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How far can we go?

On the last post – “How far is too far?” I promise to give answers to some of the pressing questions we ask in singles gatherings. I say ‘we’ because I want to know as well. As I said last … Continue reading

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How far is too far?

It is almost impossible for you not to hear the above question in any singles’ gathering albeit masked within the question “How far can we go?” This could mean different things to different people but in singles’ language, it means, … Continue reading

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It was just a little gathering!!

Sometimes, what we think are not important to seek God’s face are the most important especially regarding the issue of a life partner and how to conduct your relationship. From what I gathered over this holiday period, most people tend … Continue reading

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Much ‘I DO’ About Nothing

I sit in my living room, thinking of how marriage has become the most talk about thing in the 21st century. A day hardly goes by without getting call from friends who are worried because every person around them is … Continue reading

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No strings Attached

Sarah- 26 yrs old, single, saved, pretty and waiting for that knight in shinning armour who will sweep her off her feet but can she allow trust again? Is true love that hard to find?  Ed- 29 yrs old, fine … Continue reading

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The Musings of a Young Man

Most people would be ecstatic about the life I have, still in my twenties – a good paying job, three houses in my name, cars and most importantly I have Christ and even though I know the missing thing in … Continue reading

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A single’s conversation with God

Sarah: Oh, Lord…why can’t I just get through to him? I did not think we would have to come back to this. I actually thought this was IT and that nothing could ever bring us to this stage again. I … Continue reading

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To the Altar to Alter?

Most ladies have attitudes that push men away, while some guys are so stuck in their own ways, unwilling to make changes that will make their relationship a better one. With this in play, most people make the mistake of … Continue reading

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Get me a spouse or I’ll die!!!

It got your attention, didn’t it? Now lets see how your imagination runs. What do you first think or picture in your mind when you read it? Someone desperate with probably a rope tied around his/her neck wanting to commit … Continue reading

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