A single’s conversation with God


Sarah: Oh, Lord…why can’t I just get through to him? I did not think we would have to come back to this. I actually thought this was IT and that nothing could ever bring us to this stage again. I tried talking to him…Oh, Lord! It led to an argument. I was probably too hard on him. Yeah! I know I should have done it in love but I really do not know what came over me. I guess because I had a lot on my mind…You know what I’m talking about.

God: My dear Sarah, I watched, as you slowly began to relax and stopped praying...

Sarah: (interrupts) but…

God: Let me finish Sarah...

Sarah: Sorry about that…

God: Remember when things were sour between you guys? You and Ed?

Sarah: Yes…I do

God: You would wake up early, as early as four in the morning and pray. Oh! You believed I could bring you two back together. You did not give way to the plan of the enemy. You had a fighting spirit Sarah. You would read scriptures over him and remind Me of the same words I had spoken to you. Sarah! You would wake up and sing praises to Me. You knew, if I had said it, I would surely bring it to pass. The praises you offered up to Me made Me owe you. And you know, I am God….I cant owe any man. Sarah, you provoked your blessing. 

Sarah: But, I still used to pray…

God: Not like before, you didn’t. Things had become good with you and Ed. You relaxed Sarah! And that was when you began to take matters into your own hands…

Sarah: I don’t understand…

God: Your prayers became inconsistent, it had no life in it. You prayed out of religiosity and not out of relationship. I know the difference, you know.

Sarah: Oh, Lord! I do admit that…I felt as though I could not feel your presence in my life anymore. I could not feel that connection we once had and I did not think I had a right to ask You for anything. Praying became a task. I cried to You Lord, to help me, to bring me back to that place.

God: I heard your cry Sarah that was why I sent Latoya to you. Remember?

Sarah: Oh, Lord!

God: Remember I also sent Tanya and Pastor Dee

Sarah: Oh, Lord! Was it You?

God: Y es! However, for one reason or the other, you thought, you had gone in too deep, that I wouldn’t take you back. So you continued in your ways. You even stopped watching Christian television, TBN and the likes. You still went to church though, still behaved as though you had it all together but you were screaming for help inside.

Sarah: Oh, Lord! You knew all that? Who am I, that you are so mindful of me? (Weeps) So You really do think about me and even notice my silent cry for help? Oh! I don’t deserve this…I have been naughty. I took Your grace for granted. Oh, Lord! Can You ever forgive me?

God: Nothing can separate you from My Love. I chose to love you Sarah. And yes, if you must know, I am mindful of you and I hear every cry of yours. Forgive you? I can’t even remember what you did. I have a plan for your life Sarah. You must be at alert always! Your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour.

Sarah: My God! I really don’t deserve this (weeps). Thank You for Your unconditional love.

God: One more thing Sarah…

Sarah: Yes, Lord…

God: Regarding Ed, stop taking matters into your own hands. You have to look unto Me. He is only human. You have gone through the process already, don’t act like you don’t know what to do when you need to get through to him.  

Sarah: Oh, Lord! I just thought I could make him understand…

God: (interrupts) you are demanding from him, what he is not used to. Leave that part for Me to take care of. Do you think picking up quarrels with each other will give you the desired result? Don’t give access to the enemy Sarah. Put your trust in Me. I keep on saying, you have been through the process already…you should understand by now that the supernatural controls the natural.

Sarah: I just thought I could make him understand how I’m feeling and…

God: (interrupts) Sarah, I can do more for you in 5 minutes on your knees than you can ever do for yourself in a lifetime.

Sarah: Oh, Lord…now I know beyond a doubt that I can do absolutely nothing without You.

God: Get back to the basics Sarah! Get back to prayers. You position in Ed’s life is an important one. Birth him in prayers.  

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7 Responses to A single’s conversation with God

  1. OJ says:

    That’s a beautiful piece of story, very interesting and enlightening, very much enjoyed it…….More grease to your elbow

  2. Vivian says:

    Deola, This article was powerful. as i read it on the train,
    It made me think of how we as christians (not even on relationships now) forget God so quickly till things are pressing..
    Its well.
    Keep it up

  3. Thanks Vivian….Yes, sometimes we get blessed & get crazy and start worshipping the created (blessing) instead of the creator (giver) You get my drift! ….we forget that no matter where we are in life, there is always somewhere called FORWARD…..and that is where God wants to take all of us…..Sarah felt she could relax afterall she had Ed….she does not need to pray as she used to anymore. However God knows where to crack us to bring us back to that place 🙂

  4. Seyi says:

    Hi Deola, just got on your site for the first time today and I must say it is very good, very profound, very real and honest. keep up the good work.
    This article in prticular really really convicted me cos I am so guilty of the same kind of things where we forget God once he has answered a prayer. if only we’ll hold on to him, he has many more to answer. We get a taste of him and we forget….he wants to give us not only a taste but complete satisfaction!
    Keep up the excellent work and may God continue to strengthen you.

  5. Adebola says:

    This is Fab!!!!!!!!! i have to say and so true. It is my prayer that God will bring us to the point of looking beyond His hand and beholding His face.

  6. Abbey says:

    Deola, I must commend your work…this piece in particular brought tears to my eyes and I can confirm that I heard God….May the Lord replenish your stock abundantly IJN…Do keep them coming.

    God Bless You

  7. I like the piece… its so true..

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