No strings Attached


Sarah- 26 yrs old, single, saved, pretty and waiting for that knight in shinning armour who will sweep her off her feet but can she allow trust again? Is true love that hard to find? 

Ed- 29 yrs old, fine as wine, saved, Holy Ghost filled and very single prayerfully searching for that ‘One’ but in no hurry to get hooked up after just barely coming out alive from a disastrous relationship with Eva. Is love really pain?Now that you’ve met the characters, sit back, relax and take a ride with me as we delve into the lives of two very interesting singles. 

Dear Diary,                 

Just got back from church, had a wonderful time in His presence.  I saw that Ed guy today. What does he want from me for crying out loud? Always smiling and looking my way, what’s up with that? I’m not in anyway ready for that sort of crap. No way! Not after Chris, hmmm! Thank God that’s a closed chapter. I can’t believe I let that guy take me for a ride. God was not joking when He said, “the heart of man is desperately wicked.” I am not the one to judge but wicked is an understatement in Chris’s case. And he calls himself a Christian? No wonder the bible warns to “Test all spirits.” You never can tell the ones with bad vibes it doesn’t show up on their faces but Chris was definitely on some sort of ‘confuse pill’. I’ve never seen a guy so clueless about what he wants in life. I have definitely had my share of so called ‘church guys’ they certainly aren’t different from those in the world. I’m just going to be Spirit led.

Sincerely, Ed is not a bad guy. We have spoken over the phone a couple of times but I had my mind made up last month to ignore all his calls and why is he calling now? I can’t afford to get it wrong again. Why would a guy just want us to be friends? Does that really still happen? I don’t think so but I must admit the brother is fine! There is definitely something about him. Sarah!! FOCUS!! Could he be … … I’m not even going to complete that sentence. I refuse to get tied up in any emotional sheets so please kindly hit the freeway Ed. I’m just going to stay put and wait for that knight in shinning armour to make my dreams come true. I just want what every woman wants – Love! Is that so hard?  

Dear Diary, 

I know it’s been a while I made an entry. I have been so busy with work that I hardly have time for myself. A man has got to survive. Nothing much is going on right now except for the fact that Eva keeps sending me nasty e-mails. What does that babe want? Can she not see that it is impossible for us to be together? Indeed, the bible was right in asking the question – “Can two walk together, lest they agree?” anyway I should not complain. I deserved every thing Eva threw my way. After God warned me not to start the relationship, I still went ahead with it. Thank God for His mercies. Eva really made loving a woman difficult. How can a lady be so pretty yet dangerous? I guess the mystery lies in God’s hands.

Sarah is this new girl I recently met in church. We got along the very few times we spoke over the phone but why has she been acting weird in the last month. I don’t mean to sound paranoid, but it’s as though the babe is avoiding me. And why does she frown when I smile at her? What’s up with that? I tried calling her a few minutes ago just to tell her I got the toffees she wanted from France. I hope she doesn’t think I’m coming on to her? After Eva, I would be a fool not to pray & be led by God. I only want to be friends with Sarah at least for now; she is someone I can really get along with. I wouldn’t want to start anything until I feel the Spirit is leading. I know as a guy, we get attracted to what we see. But not anymore, I have come to learn the hard way that there is more to what you see on the outside. And that more is a thin line between life & death. Not that attraction isn’t important, quite the contrary. Just be led by God…as hard as that may sound, it is the only way to get it right. Can that famous rapper be right, is love really pain? I guess it can be when you don’t commit your ways to Him.   

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  1. Where is there rest please????

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