AA/AS/SS -The Genotype Question


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AA/AS/SS -The Genotype Question

What does this have to do with my relationship?

Does this affect my choice of partner?

I’m AS, she is AS…should I stay, should I go?


Real life stories on this issue

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  1. Oracle says:

    I guess that has a lot to do with your relationship.
    Sometimes doctors may advice you not to marry someone of a certain genotype to avoid future problems.

    • bidemi says:

      I HEAR d story everyone is saying. AS and AS Genotype could marry since is a 50% chance just like it is 50% for having twins or duplicate of chromosome 21 in children with down syndrome,besides most Africans were AS genotype because of malaria parasties,which the so AA genotype are prone to.If you love yourself go ahead and get married because your happiness is what matters;your can check the genotype of the child once she is pregnant through the DNA test.

  2. Hey girl, sorry I’ve been missing from your blog for a while. The question of genotype is such a difficult one. I have a friend who had been going out with a guy for five years, then they found out they were both AS . They broke up and it was so sad because they were a lovely couple. They still like each other but they don’t want to take the risk of having an SS child.
    As hard as it is, I support their decision. It is a gamble, and one that will affect not just the couple but their future children, so I would say (unless you hear God telling you loud and clear to go for it) it is best to ask these kind of questions before getting into a deep relationship with someone.

    • Akpoviri Monday Rich says:

      True talk, it’s gud 2 hear d voice of GOD clear and loud b4 u go ahead 2 marry her 4 d sake of d future in humanly perception.

  3. Fummy says:


    Bin reading ur website for quite a while now and its very intresting read. for me well i can say am lucky cos am AA, but i wont advice an AS to marry an AS, had a very close friend who is SS and anytim she had her crisis it was terrible, one moment she is partying the next she is in great pain. i dont thinkl any1 will wish that on a child not at all.
    at the end of it even the childs sickness can put a strain on the marriage and break it up, its bin known to happen. so y take the risk in the first place.
    unless as Pastor Sola said u have to be very clear that its from God, and even at that I’ll still ask Him if he id doubly sure its me his talkin to cos i’ve experienced some1 in pain first hand and wldnt want it for a child of mine.

  4. AddaBc says:

    hey y’ll…just want to ask us all this qestion..Is marriage ‘ALL’ about children? This is because it seems that’s the angle we’re coming from about this genotype issue..and lets not forget that our angle is largely influenced by the culture most of us are originally from.

  5. mypenmypaper says:

    You said it right. The question that needs to be asked is: Is Marriage ALL about Children?

    As much as married couples want to have kids, as much as the society needs kids, as much as the nation and world need to reproduce, and as much as I believe that couples should go for medical tests before saying “I DO”, I believe in a case where God leads, there are no boundaries to love and life. The problem is that manytimes, many people allow their flesh to lead and God to follow. Definitely, God would opt out of such a relationship.

    • Joebest says:

      i am Joebest from nigerian and my wife is from sri-lanaka i am a christian and she is Islam can will marry.

      if i am AA she ss can still marry.

      thax Reply

      • Soccersikes says:

        o you cannot marry… Sorry for the shocker… Under one condition though: she became a christian and have accepted Christ our savior as her personal lord and Savior. Then and only then can you weigh in other options…

      • Abby says:

        Religion only comes to play if it conflicts with your beliefs or even doctrine, I see absolutely nothing wrong if two people from different religion can come together to say ‘I DO’ in as much as they love each other and willing to live together till death do them part. Please don’t let religion come in between both of you because we are all one before God irrespective of where we come from, religion or color. this religious segregation must stop and we should stop mis-interpreting the Bible

      • What genotyp are nt advise to get married?

      • Yes, u get best, type because safe her, and love is there.

    • Nnaemeka says:

      That’s true, God in his creation never said AA shall marry AS and SS nor did he say that SS must not marry AS, NO. we have to allow God to flow in our relationships, For Christians there are no boundaries of where your love can go.

  6. @AddaBc:

    I for one, don’t believe marriage is ALL about children. I think marriage is more about love, friendship, acceptance and companionship for the couple involved. After all, God created a woman for Adam primarily because “It is not good for man to be alone”. That said though, many marriages do go on and produce children, and the married couple become parents. It’s here that the genotype issue becomes important. If a couple affected by two adverse genotypes both agree NOT to have biological children, then I guess it’s not a problem if they get married. However, if they both plan to have children of their own, then it is not advisable for them to take that risk of gambling with their child’s health or quality of life.

  7. 'Yemie says:

    Haven’t been here in ages. Thanks for bringing this to surface again, because it appears the issue of genotype in relationships isn’t what people (especially the unmarried) exactly discuss-especially in Christendom.

    For “AS-SS/AS- Relationships”(as I would like to call it) where the ultimate marriage goal is child-bearing, I don’t think taking risks and then ending up with SS offsprings would be ideal, except if the couple consider themselves strong enough to handle all that comes with have one.
    My views on this issue are quite strong. However, in this case as a believer I can only say, if you are certain you received the Holy Spirit’s leading in going into the relationship, from the onset go back to your maker (and his maker) and ask Him to set everything right-plus the genotype. Yes, HE CAN DO IT!
    Another question this triggers is; do single people really give this a thought these days, before deep emotion sets in?

  8. 'Yemie says:

    Haven’t been here in ages. Thanks for bringing this to the surface again, because it appears the issue of genotype in relationships isn’t what people (especially the unmarried) exactly discuss-especially in Christendom.

    For “AS-SS/AS- Relationships” ( as I would like to call it) where the ultimate marriage goal is child-bearing, I don’t think taking risks and then ending up with SS offsprings would be ideal, except if the couple consider themselves strong enough to handle all that comes with have one.
    My views on this issue are quite strong. However, in this case as a believer I can only say, if you are certain you received the Holy Spirit’s leading in going into the relationship, from the onset go back to your maker (and his maker) and ask Him to set everything right-plus the genotype. Yes, HE CAN DO IT!
    Another question this triggers is; do single people really give this a thought these days, before deep emotion sets in?

  9. Teech says:

    Im presently in a relationship and both of us are AS, im so confused as i dont know what to do. I strongly believe that God can do a miracle but then im not even certain the relationship is strong enough to go through storms. There’s been talks about we can get the genotype of the baby and if its SS, it can be aborted which i thnk its really unfair on me as i would be the one carrying the baby. My faith is strong but sometimes i feel my partner is a lil selfish. I dont want to this to end in abitter way as we are both commited but the truth is………WHERE WILL ALL THIS TAKE US! Help me pls

    • NAPOLEON says:

      I realy dont know what to say about this. sometime ago, i saw a girl when i’m about to graduate and instantly, i had a feeling i don’t have to go anywhere again that this is my wife. it took me one year eight months to get her acceptance. i was the happiest man on earth having her and i just don’t care about the time to get her acceptance anyway but, after six month of our relationship, the issue came up and we almost parted the first time but we continued till when i was through with my nysc which is more than one and half year now that we broke up but still, its a misery i dont understand cos having her was a peace of mind as there was no doubt or uncertainity in the air about her.

      We broke up cos her mum always warn her of such a relationship and she’s scared of SS too.

      The truth is when we first had this, i prayed and GOD gave me a passage which confirms our relationship but i think if a party is scared and cant come 2geda to pray with d spouse, there may be problems but, if they do, there will be no SS.

      Man is a spirit and things happen in the spirit. you can both be AS and all your children AA. I have seen that already and it is possible only if you both believe.

      JESUS said, ask anything in my name, ” anything “.

      Moreso, a doctor once told me that the probability of SS is always 1/4 and it depends on the dominancy between the A and the S in every individual. SS comes up when the S greater than or equal to the A.

      There should be reasearches going-on on this issue i want to believe.

      love is the greatest and can cure anything only if we take a step forther.


      • Ade says:

        You are right about love is the greatest thing, but if you love someone would you want to hurt them? This is a big question in my life at the moment which made me come across this website.

        I have been in and out of relationships because i just don’t fele that peace with any of those guys now i met someone and we have been friends for about two months to three months now which is leading to a lot of likeness between us. We talked about having a relationship but guess what he is SS and i am AS. he doesn’t want to accept that it is a barrier but i am too afraid to take that risk.

        He believe so much in God that he is fulfill what concerns us and i want to believe that with him. Like you rightly said all things are possible with God but can i play dumb and go into this relationship. I have never been so convienced and at peace with any relationship as this but i don’t know if my faith is strong enough for this at the same time i don’t want to let go.

    • Drea godwin onaghino says:

      my dear my best advise for you as a christian is for you to seek the lords face,make him the begining and the end of your relationship creat a quite moment with him and ask him what you want,he answers all questions,that is if you strongly believe,for he is a rewarder of
      them who deligently seek him,and they that goes to him MUST FIRST believe that he is GOD,He also saidthose that seek wisdom,must ask with all their heart,from him THE GOD OF HEAVEN WHO GIVETH FREELY.

      • Faith says:

        Am As and my husband,we were asked to give birth b4 weding,i was pregnant bf knowing my gynotype,i started praying,goin thru scriptures,he said i and d children d lord has giving me are for signs and wonder, we are created thru his likeness and image,knowing this and more were will the ss come frm,wen my God is not an ss,my daughter is AA ,i can boldly tell u that my children will be as healthy as Christ thru faith.ss is the devils plan,thru the word &faith we will over com

      • Samuel Ejie says:

        If truelly we mean gud 4 our future children,den dis advice should b considered n reconsidered.total abstinence z d best.weda u luv each oda or nt,no 2 persons who truelly luvs dem selves will want 2 get a negative outcome[children].

      • Samuel Ejie says:

        If truelly we mean gud 4 our future children,den dis advice should b considered n reconsidered.total abstinence z d best.weda u luv each oda or nt,no 2 persons who truelly luvs dem selves will want 2 get a negative outcome[children].we shouldn’t allow emotions av total control on us.

    • Ramat says:

      Mark 10:27 has said it all! Blieve and pray and watch ur genotype change 2 AA!! It has happened 2me and it will happen to u if u blieve!!!

      • Mariam says:

        This is exactly what i want, still praying αnd i believe the same GOD thαt did thαt for yøu will surely Do mine.

      • Bunmi says:

        Ramat please I want to know you, and get in touch with u. You that your genotype changed to AA.. Plsss thanks

      • Mariam says:

        All U need is τ☺ believe In GOD, i once promised τ☺ come bac here τ☺ share ♍y testimony, αnd am bac here τ☺ share Ȋt. i ̶̷̩̥̊͡α̲̅s once AS But after prayer αnd fasting GOD did Ȋt ƒøя ♍ε now am AA . He can also Do Ȋt ƒøя yøu, if only U can ask him αnd ђave faith.

      • Some people used God’s name to lie. I demand a scientific proof that a genotype could be changed.

      • Rita says:

        With tears in my eyes. This dsame issue of genotype stuffs is ryt at my door. Hv been prayin to God 4 a stable ralatinship He gave in just 3mths nw we hv come to love ourselves deeply. Just yesday dat my parther went for genotype test nd guess wat? Is AS nd am dsame. He loves me nd i love him too. We are confused bt i tld him dat we wil pray ova it dat God wil make a way 4 it.

      • tina says:

        how do u mean

      • tina says:

        wat do u mean

  10. xtrem says:

    the question i have is this,are there no other medical approches to predict genotype of a child,so that abortion wont be required?

    • NAPOLEON says:

      I always think of that too. It will make a whole lot of sense that some generation would not even have to consider genotype to marry.

      They’ve done for the 0- and 0pisitive blood group in the past so i still believe GOD would helpthem for this.

  11. AddaBc says:

    You sound like you both are ready to get married…if that is the case my advice would be that as long as you know for sure that this(the marriage) is God’s will for you then please go ahead…He gives blessings and adds no sorrow to it. There one thing i always say…if i know that it is God’s will for me to be a cleaner there is no way i wouldnt succeed in it.

    Another thing i want to say to you is to watch the people you tell things to…people will forever have advice to give BEWARE…a lot just end up putting fear into your heart..agents of the devil, some even unknown to themselves.

    Dont know what church you go to but they should be marriage counselling .. speak to a man(woman of God).

    And hey! child bearing shouldn’t be the make and definately not the break of any marriage.

  12. XYZ says:

    I’m unfortunate enough to have had two sibblings die of sickle cell. It’s not at all about the strain on the parents!!!! It’s about the pain the child would go thru. Sickle cell is PAINFUL. My BROTHER, A GROWN MAN used to cry because of aches in his body from sickle cell. It is wicked to knowingly put another human being through that pain. Anyone in an AS/AS r’ship should call it off, however painful it might be. At least, calling off the r’ship would just be emotional pain that would heal with the passing of time. SICKLE CELL is a LIFETIME disease, extreme physical, emotional and psychological pain. It is selfish on the part of any couple to marry knowing they are both AS because they can’t bear to call off the r’ship. Think about the child and the lifetime pain that child would go thru!!!! And can I add that both of my siblings died in their 20s… It’s really not worth it!

    • Monday says:

      @ XYZ
      You said it all, thanks for your wonderful comments. I am sorry that you lost 2 of ur siblings. It is indeed selfish to go ahead with a relationship that will cause another to live in pain. I am also a believer, a chistian and I believe that if you and ur partner knew nothing about sickle cell and you end up with an SS child, then seek God’s intervention because u had no knowledge about sicke cell BUT if God give you the knowledge and make you fully aware of the consequences, then that mean he wants you to use this wisdom to call off the relationship before it is too late. I will liken this situation unto a man who was embarking on a very important trip to a certain town but he was not aware that there was serious war going on in that town and many where killed; so when he got there his life was in danger. He called on God to rescue and God did and that was a miracle for him to return alive. Now, God works in many ways……On the other hand, God could have caused the man to receive information about the war ahead of time, in order to stop him from going on that trip. I f the man pays deaf ear to Gods signal and warning. He will have himself to blame and most likely will bare the consequences. God comes to our rescue in many ways. Please, do not overlook the warning signs of ending with SS child before it is too late. BEWARE!!! God bless……

  13. d banks says:

    had just like to know in here, is it that there are no other way to even prevent this ss child coming into the world even right from the early days of the pregnancy. secondly, i was in ireland some months back where i had to do my genotype test alonfg with every other test only to my suprise that this test “genotype”, is no big deal down there because the doctor that had me checked, didnt take asa something so bothering likewise she didnt even understood the risk of getting these two sex together,and whne the result was out, all i saw in it was that i was negative to sickel cell.
    whats that pleaseeeeeeeeeee?

    • NAPOLEON says:

      D BANKS

      i would like to know what test you went for and the answer you get from a proffessional concerning result analysis please.

  14. Marvin Kems says:

    Want to know exactly how this genotype groups are and their various effect on trying to settle down with unfavourable type.

    • Michael Obeto Utomi says:

      Genotype or no genotype,every thing God created is good and anything done outside faith is sin.if u know that ur faith is not strong enough to disregard genotype,then follow the instruction of ur doctor.

  15. Peace M. Ray says:

    I want to know about who is an AA, SS AS. i dont know much about genotype. infact i dont know my genotype. i know am not an SS but how about an AS. i know one of my maternal aunt was an AS.

  16. kola says:

    hey! this genotype thing is an african thing right…or im mistaking?

  17. Believer says:

    @Peace M.Ray,
    AA, AS and SS are genotypes of the sickle cell gene. You can find out which group you belong to by asking for a test in the hospital. It requires a blood sample.
    An individual will inherit a copy of this gene from both parents so if both parents are AS their children could either have the genotype AA, AS or SS as opposed to if one parent was AA and the other AS where they would either be AA or AS.

  18. DIPO says:

    i am not telling you guys what people are going through or has happened to my friends. this is my story!

    i met this girl at a time i truly wanted to settle down and God knows she was just about all i needed to take home to mama, guess what, i did!

    mum, like other members of my family fell in love with her and things went on fine. in a space of 4months, we have built a really strong relationship and i mean strong and interesting.

    the highlight of this is that she had to go thru so much for me, people said stuffs but she stayed on. for whoever is reading this, i expect you to pray i get someone who would be as good as this girl. coupled with her oustanding virtues, she is a VIRGIN. one thing i had always prayed for.

    outta curiosity, i took a blood test and came out AS, she had told me way back she was AS too. immediately i got my result, i could not see myself loving her again cos i know we were never going to get married. the love has refused to die and i can be sure it never would.

    here comes the saying, if you love something so much, let it go! do you guys believe this?

    worse enough, i have not been bold enough to tell her and whenshe confronted me once about it, i lied. not because i wanted to push forward the evil day, but i just can’t stand the heartbreak.

    i feel truly bad but the truth is, this feeling is nothing compared to watching my kids die even when i could have avoided it. should i come out to be the richest in the world, i really dont wanna spend my money rushing my kid in and outta hospitals.

    bottom line, we are not getting married and one day, i would get a way to tell her.

    lets stop bringing in kids here to suffer. not only the parents end up mourning. the extended family does so also are the friends such kid had made before passing out.


  19. Mike says:

    I have been in a relationship for more than 6(six) years now. No doubt ,i am an AS. But i have been having misgivings of my girl friend being an AS also…. I hate to wallow in Speculations but to be sure about Genotype, i asked her two years back but she has no knowledge of it. She does not even know the effect of Genotype on Marriage especially when two AS(s) gets married.
    I tried all my best to ask her questions which relates to getting to know the group she belongs to, for instance how prone she is to Malaria… all information gathered (even without her knowing my motive for these questions) tends toward the possibility that she could probably be an AS.
    Like Dipo above , i am not ready for any heart bReak for now.. But my conscience keep telling me that i am greedy because if the truth eventually comes to the full glare of both of us i.e if she turns out an A.S like me…. i would have reduced her chances of knowing the truth long time before now and she could probably have found the best match for herself before now if she is properly orientated. On the other hand, if peradventure , she turns out an AA, it would not be bad idea keeping up the suspense after all!!!!!!
    Just kind of confused on what to do whether to orientate her and have her go for the test or wait till she finds out herself. The relationship gets deeper each passing day. Our respective families are expectant of the relationship maturing to a blissful marriage. Just want to know if am on the right track

    • Yomi Israel says:

      Hello auncle mike, i have read throug your story and i must at this junction let you no that if at the long rurn this lady happen to be AS, you are not going to hurt her alone but you will also hurt your self and your both familys. the earler you let her go for genotye test, the better it be come of you. so base on your last question, you are on the wrong and risk trace. EDUCATE HER TO GO FOR THE TEST SO THAT YOU CAN BUILD A STRONG RELATIONSHIP INSTAID OF BUILDING YOUR RELATIONSHIP ON DOUT.

  20. Morningstar E. says:

    I am of blood group A how do i know my genotype?

  21. Daughter of God says:

    I am in a relationship with an ss. jst had a test done today n awaiting result. i fully inderstand the need for this after watchin my partner suffer painfull attacks time and time again. it truely not fair on Children and i wouldnt wish this opon any one. u’ve got to understand that it does not only affect the parents, it affects sibblings, friends, thier propective partners. its selfish to put a child through this talkless of an adult.
    i’d advise anyone in my shoes to address the issue heads on and pray to God for help. nothing is hidden under the sun and nothing is too difficult for God to do. Faith is Key.

  22. ibrahim says:

    Well, me and my girl have been going out for 9yrs now. We found out abt the genotype thing when the relationship was abt 5yrs. We are both AS. I have a strong attachment to her and she possess many of the best characters ladies hardly have today. I could say that our relationship was God called and she is so confident there will not be a problem though am not but believing in God. Her parents are both AS also and out of children of five, they have one SS who is the first born a female. She is about 32years now and married with a kid… I wonder this is part of the things that gives her the inspiration… But I must confess; she surely inspires me also.

    I have decided on going on the relationship and leave the future to GOD. I believe I am a pencil in his hand and I have laid my life and that of my generations to him. What of those AA/AA marriage that never experienced a moment peace.. The fact is that life is not all about laughter and enjoyment, when sorrow and sadness misses then it is worthless living. Drop my pen.

  23. Kings says:

    Good Day, It is painful to know that the two wonderful girls I have met are AS like me. I have to let go the first and the second is still there now. This has created the curiosity in me. The problem I have with the blacks and Africans in general is about our dedication to help the human race, especially our own race. I believe the AS genotypes can still be classified. I am biochemist but does not want to talk much till I get to the lab to investigate this. I believe we can sponsor researches on this area. I hope to get a PhD soon, then I can get into my own independent research. Till then must our love know boundaries between AS and AA. THis generation needs to do something than just talking. Thank u

  24. Steve says:

    Is it advicable for AA to get married to AA, Please inform by return. i am AA and my fiance is also AA. Can we marry and bear children without sickle cell complications.

    • Isaac says:

      Yes AA can perfectly marry AA. They have no problem. AS can marry AA too. The problem is when AS and AS are involved. There is chance of getting an SS.

    • creamy says:

      I am AA and a friend told me that I can’t marry AA because it will be difficult for us to have children. Is it true? And why will it be difficult?

  25. dee says:

    I have being in a elationship for six years but i found out today that i’m AS. i’m so confused as i dont know if my boyfriend is an AA or AS. What if he turns out to be an AS like me?

  26. dee says:

    I have being in a relationship for six years but i found out today that i’m AS. i’m so confused as i dont know if my boyfriend is an AA or AS. What if he turns out to be an AS like me?

  27. Deola says:

    Has anyone in AS/AS or AS/SS relationships thought about assisted conception, i’ve just done a research project on preimplantation genetic diagnosis for sickle cell disease, this technique allows couples that are at risk of having children with sickle cell disease to avoid that outcome.
    On a scientific basis, it’s a means by which (AS/AS or AS/SS) couples can have disease-free children.
    However this procedure falls into the ‘grey’ area in the ethical sense as in should we be selecting the type of children we have based on disease gentoypes.
    Adeola and indeed all followers of this blog it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

    • wuraola dawodu says:

      Please I would like to know about the test, I read an article or a text book as regards to this test,(AS/SS)… I don’t know how true it is,but my doctor told. Me about it and he said the test can not be done here in Nigeria but may be southafrica or the UK…

  28. adaviriku says:

    I was once in love with a lady who asked me to give her some time to make up her mind . During the waiting period i felt like i was going to die if she said NO. She ended up saying NO after a long wait, and here i am today alive and hardly ever remember her except for times like this. A lot of pple have fallen in and out of love and carried on with their lives.Their is genuine love, and you can find it with an AS, BUT YOU CAN ALSO FIND IT WITH SOMEONE WHO IS NOT. Pls let us channel our faith in that direction and not sentence an innocent child to a life of pains and misery.

  29. Wisdom says:

    Please our wedding card is out, is less than three weeks to the wedding and now my father inlaw to-be feels so strongly that we take geno-type test.
    Leaving me wondering, why now? I am a strong believer in God, never really heard of this Geno-type thing before, they brought it to my attention, but never really believed in it even after hearing about it, but their persistence has brought reasons to research the topic quite a lot, but here in UK most doctors or medical practising professionals don’t even know what it is, I went for supposingly geno-type test, and it turns out the lady just took my blood only to do a blood count test and declare all clear.
    Now in my mind I keep wondering why my father inlaw to-be feel so strongly about this, how about his daughter’s concern, supposing, I know as a believer in God and also from the onset our family do not have any such background it will not happen, but it turns out as not expected…what will happen? everybody has been invited to our wedding and now my father inlaw to-be think is a good time to take a test. I know all is well.

    • Hey wisdom…..its been a while since I’ve written on my blog but your story touched me………i will leave you with those same word…….”it is well”. Come back and give us the testimony! coz i know it will come out in your favor!

      • NAPOLEON says:

        HI WISDOM

        like Adeola had said, just go on with it but sit your fiancee down and make her know what you believe cos definitely, her father would have been ringing some negative word to her ears and this could cause a problem in the future if you guys dont talk about it now. just make her believe what you believe and live in same thought.

        i supportyou. ther will be no SS only if you guys believe.

        takia man, peace.

  30. law says:

    is there anyway a child can be identify as SS during pregnancy.need help on this please.

    • moh'd tanko musa says:

      yes, a child can be identified and it would be in this way. if the both parent knows there status and are learned, they should be able to cross bread there status and get result before birth.

  31. Ehiedu says:

    I hate the fact that being and AS I am perceived as being limited or have a disease… Sorry to inform you guyz i have finally thrown caution to the wind. i have stopped caring, I’m intelligient, strong abd 1 of the greatest person to be with… but I have 1 short coming ( according to this blog ), I cant choose whoever i want to be with, If i look down the line i have only attracted AS lovely girls… 2 of which we broke up by mutual consent and the other 1 because the parents insisted. I have also ended relationships at the bud because I asked immediately i got the girls numbers. Well I am tired ogf asking a girl i just met if she was AS. I have finally decided that if I love someone and she loves me back we would go ahead and get married. I have done a lot of research on preimplantation genetic diagnosis for sickle cell disease…. nothing is concrete. the only concrete thing is adoption (which is an option pple never want to consider).

    In conclusion Please live your life and never be limited. There is no such thing as having freedom and being a prisoner

    • Adeolu Adesuyi says:

      Bro have you considered asking the Almighty God in prayer to change the situation? It’s probably the only thing you gotta do.

  32. Meah says:

    Funny how dis genotype issue is discussed lyk some of us aren’t SS…u make it sound like it’s an abomination…so wat do i say?i’m 25 going on 26, n i’ve been a sickler all my life, having to hear funny discussions about sickle cell anaemia…u know we r children too, gifts n not punishments from God…with all the crisis n all, i can confidently speak for most sicklers that life is still worth living, n i thank God, n my parents for bringing me into this world…u talk of AS not marrying AS/SS…where does destiny come into play?being SS has added to wat i am today, n sumtyms i wish i was normal, but then be careful wat u wish for, as i know more ‘normal’ people that have died than SS…every marriage would have sum issues, health, or otherwise, there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, only an All knowing and sufficient God…just Pray and dat way u r sure ur decisions r in line with his plans for you!

    • wuraola dawodu says:

      I am surprised that no one responded to ur comment, I am aslo SS, I will be 31 by Dec 1st… I strongly believe there’s nothing too difficult for God to do, he said (God) ” I am the God of all flesh is there anything too difficult for me to do” ? There’s nothing to difficult for God to do,I am in love with an AS,we have peace in our relationship,as a matter of fact, I’m the one always wanting to pull out of the relationship but hey ! I tell u it has not been easy, to get someone that would stand by you and support u all the way is difficult,as a matter of fact, if u tell some guys u are SS,they don’t even wait they just take to there heels, I mean we are human too, all we need for someone n not just someone but someone that loves u just the way u are to be there for us at some point in time…

  33. Gabriel says:

    My advice is that don’t get your self involved in a relationship without asking her about her genotype from the very first beginning. 2-5years of relationship before asking for genotype is not proper. iI for my self, i met a girl whom i love and asked her genotype she turned out to be an AS, i stepped back without going further and still looking out for the AS’s type. I know it’s not easy and most of us will want to have children because of the culture we belong to and because of the pressure from our parents especially our nigerian parents. But i believe, in the western world, issues like this are of no concern and i believe it can be handeled and have solutions.

  34. Ifedayo says:

    I would like to know more about Preimplantation genetic diagnosis in AS/SS marriages could anyone fill me in?

  35. chynwe says:

    I would want to believe that there is more to marriage than just “kids”. We all want to get married for different reasons. Our culture makes it seem like its all about the kids and no body cares about the survival of the marriage in itself.
    That not withstanding, i don’t see any reason why an AS/AS couple cannot get married. Its a decision to be made between both of them as there are other options available to avoid having SS children. Its usually a tough decision to make but hey if you are truly in love with someone, they’ll be no stopping u………

  36. Oladeni says:

    I’ve been dating a girl for about 11yrs now. Though in between, we broke up and re-united again. We both knew that we are AS/AS at the point that we re-united. I was really sceptical about things working out, but she was down to earth and optimistic that there won’t be problems. She’s seek spiritual guidiance and all they tell her is that it’s destiny and that we should go ahead and get married, that there won’t be any problem. Now, we are near to getting married but my own parents are kicking against us getting married saying with their level of exposure, they won’t give their consent for their child(AS) getting married to an AS. It’s a big problem now! cuz i’m beginning to reason along the side of my parents which is now making the girl to see my parents as antagonists and myself as a betrayal. I still love this girl even though she doesn’t believe i do anylonger & at the same time, i don’t want to run a risk of having SS offsprings cuz of the pains & sufferings involved.
    Pls, advise accordingly…

  37. NAPOLEON says:


    my own answer is “MARRY FOR LOVE” what’s yours?

    sciences has brought confort, hapiness, sadness, limitation and sorrow but, GOD has brought joy, love, freedom unlimited cos there are no limits in the spirit realm.

    • moh'd tanko musa says:

      mr. napoleon surely marriage is for love but many things needed to looked upon before going into a relationship which genotype has to play a vital role. so many people have been victimize in this issue of genotype. when both couples are in love and forget genotype, during birth the result will start manifesting, that’s when all sort of sayings will be presented by the victims that are ignorant or negligence of the subject of the issue in question. my grand mother or step mother is witching me. so on and so ford. please digest my explanation to well consumable understanding.

  38. NAPOLEON says:

    wisdom is the principal thing but in all, get understanding of the word of GOD.

    You are what you think inside of you. please filter what comes into your ears for words are seeds that germinates in the mind of time and its growth is dependent on your heart.

    Just like the attraction between the north and south pole is our fears to reality. What you are scared of is what you attract and hat is why there are 365 fear not in the bible. one for each day and for the leap year, its the grace.

  39. Daniel says:

    Genotype & marriage is a serious issue. both spouses involved may be strong in themselves but may not be strong in faith for their offsprings. i think thesame faith one has for an offspring not to be SS should also be strong to change their AS/SS status 2 AA.

    • Mariam says:

      Exactly wat am hoping on. Why Ŋot pray τ☺ GOD τ☺ change our genotype. I believe i Wiιι share ♍y testimony here.

  40. Ehiedu says:

    Napoleon…..i totally agree wit u

  41. Gabriel says:

    we marry for love and at the same time we should take the issue of genotype seriously because it’s true. no father or mother will like to see his children suffer, Except those affected with the issue of AS are planning not to have any baby. But the question is: Are they sure that they dont want to have any baby? nijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmmm.

  42. kkfox says:

    We wake up and we find love. Sometimes so magical you wonder if its real. It ain’t easy to throw it all away. I’ve read a lot about the AS/SS brouhaha and quite frankly I’m confused.

  43. mabel says:

    its all good to be in love,but wat if u discovred the inevitable,i cant stand the pain of rushing my kids to the clinic or rather crying evrynite cos of their crisis,i was in a relationship and i loved him so much,i got married but my kid was ss,he died 4 yrs later,it affected my marriage and my husband filed for divorce cos he couldnt stand it,now am married to ann AA.dont risk ur life and that of the kids u would have because of love,u might end up loosing your marriage.

  44. Vera says:

    b4 i start, i would like to ask a question; “where was this genotype stuff during the time of our grandparents and parents?” yet they brought kids into this world n we are product of those children.

    I av a guy whom i love very much, he just told me he’s AS and am AS too. he says if we get married he wouldnt mind us not having kids or probably 1 (one) if i want. cos he already has one from a lady during his younger days.

    Now what do u guys say to that? is it right? can i go ahead?

    • Denis says:

      My dear Vera,

      Whether u should go ahead with him or not sholdn’t be an issue. Are u ready to stay with without having any child of your own bearing in mind that he’s got one already. Remember; “easier said than done” I have a similar situation and she keeps saying she’s ready to face the challenges… It’s better one cries now than cry forever. I wish you all the best.

  45. xOrdinaire says:

    I have been in a relationship for 22 months. It was perfect. Her Love was so ravishing, satisfying, motivating, elevating, fulfilling … It was great pain from the very depth of my heart. We had to break up on the 20th november 2009 because of genotype issues. We both had the test at a reputable medical laboratory and the result was AS for the two of us.

    The tragedy is that you are parting with no issues. She told me she preferred parting via promiscuity and other cruel means than this type of a thing. I can’t express my love. Someone I so much admire and cherish will end up in another person’s arms. She gave me everything and her most precious asset, her virginity. We had joy, fun, loving moments and several wonderful seasons together. I am in pain and to be candid i don’t need a girl for the next 12 months.

    I would conclude by saying that love is divine and true love is a blessing, but each man and woman going into wedlock must not entertain sentiment when the issue of genotype comes to the fore. It is desirable to marry the person that one really, truly loves but one must also consider what the future with such a person holds.


    • Denis says:


      I totally agree with u, though it’s not alwayz easy leaving a loved one at a critical point like this…but I still think it’s better done now than afterwards.

  46. YOMI says:

    Please i have been in relationship for a year now and i am AA by genetype, the Lady which i want to marry she is As. my question is, can we continue with our relationship? If yes, what can likely be our out come?

  47. Jekkyj says:

    I n my girl friend ve been datin 4 good 4years n now both of us discovered dat we re (As) n i love her v much pls wht shld we do

  48. Berryxxooxx says:

    I’m SS and an only child, my only sibling was SS b4 he died in 2005. I plan getting married to a guy that is AS (stupid uhn?) this year. I know the consequences, av gne thru it nd av seen it all…. BUT i still stand by my decision. I dont want my kids to go thru a bit of wat i av gone thru but i know they wont. Life has given us all options wen it comes to situations like this…. i currently reside in the UK and here we av genetic counsellors and modern medical technology to avoid such reoccurrences.
    Tell me something!!! In my own case how many guys will i let go cos of situations like dis?? I did that a lot b4 i decided to make research and found a way out. I have some1 i love nd we are ready to go thru thick nd thin togeda so as not jeopardize d health of our kids.
    And 1 most important thing of it all is having God! That makes me a living testimony.
    NOTE: Pls Dont take d risk if u dont have d strength to go thru it all……….. BLESS

    • Denis says:

      Hi Berry,

      Pls i will like to know more on the modern medical technology to avoid re-occurence.


    • nkem says:

      hello Berryxxooxx,
      i would please like to know what options u r pursuing that can guarantee your child will not have the SS genotype.i ask because i recently got married following tests that said i was AA.i have just discovered after another test that it was wrong.its AS.my husband is also AS.i believe we are soul mates and are searching for ways to remain together AND have kids.your reply is greatly anticipated.
      thanks and goodluck.

    • atoyebi says:

      i will like to know about the way out because am in such a world right now. please help out.

    • my dear berry, i am also SS married to an AS man we have two children 1 as and the second ss, but guess wat, its only a genotype, as far as you are in christ there is nothing that is impossible, u also need to have a beleiver as a partner to acheive this
      all the best

    • Adeola says:

      Dear Berry,
      I am in pain right now cos I discovered the guy I am in love with is AS.I am SS and just like u said, I have let lots of guys go cos they were AS. I will be 39 in March and this guy happens to come along and I am confused. What do I do? Please what alternatives have u found? I sincerely need some advise. My family will sure be against this union but I am tired of waiting and he seems not to mind. What do I do?

  49. Grace says:

    My fiance § i just got 2 know dat both of us are AS. We’ve handed everthing over 2 God § we believe dat d prenatal diagnosis will work 4 us but d problem is dat d amount is too much.i pray it comes down very soon.

    • Denis says:

      Grace, please we need to talk. Can you enlighten me more on the prenatal diagnosis thing.
      I’ll be waiting to hear frm you.

    • The world's greatest says:

      how much is it? i just discovered also that I and my fiancee are both AS. And where is it done in Nigeria. Please i need to nw if it’s something i can afford

  50. adenike says:

    i am so devastated,my fiance just found out he is as and i am as well really dont know what to do.what are the chances of not having ss .

  51. Enkay says:

    I heard that genotypes change. Is that really true? Also, can a couple with AA and AS genotypes give birth to a child with AS genotype?

    • Nnenne says:

      yes you can have a child with AS. This will happen when the A (from the party who is AA) and the S (from the party being AS) mix.

    • The world's greatest says:

      Yes it sure changes. I have seen people with AS share testimonies of how God miraculously changed it to AA in my church (Winners chapel, Canaanland, otta). Not one or two but so many. I have even seen SS changed to AA. God can do everything and anything

  52. chichi says:

    I am AS and my Fiance is AS too. I told him that we are not going to marry since our genotype is the same but he refused. He said that we are going to marry that God can change it.

    Is it not possible for us to give birth to SS child if we eventualy marry?


  53. Hazel says:

    am AA presently engaged to an SS person and am so in love with him but when he calls and is sick am depressed and not myself. i cant bear it but i dont know how i can be without him.never seen him in his major crisis cos we are leaving far apart. wat do i do?stay or go

    • ehi4life says:

      Do you really need an answer to that Question. Assuming he was AA and it was all rosy until he had an accident and could never walk again, would you leave.

      If you love you wouldnt be asking this question. Check inside of you and see if it what you really want.

  54. Darlington Ogbonnnaya says:

    I am AS genotype but recently discovered that a girl I wanted to marry is AS. Though I am in love with her, I honestly do not want any of my children to suffer because of my selfishness. So i parted ways with my girl.

  55. kdk says:

    @Law..yeah, there are ways u can identify d genotype of a baby before birth..most possible when the pregnancy is up to 25days…

    Well, i came in here to read about u guys opinions hoping i’d just get that very one message that could shape my life for good.unfortunately, i haven’t heard anything so concrete that could favour my plight.

    my girlfriend and I broke a two year relationship about a year ago due to this exact issue-we are both of AS genotype. we are both still single and keep very much in touch.we loved eachother wholeheartedly but we have searched for reasons to stay with eachother and yet to get one.

    As much as i’d want a comment that’ll favour us,we have to realize it’s really not about us being able to cope with the sick child but the child coping with himself/herself. no one wants to bring forth a child that’ll hate or not forgive his parents. In the long run, the parents ‘ll begin to hate themselves.

    I wish there was a solution to this e.g predicting the position the child may be, so as to know the number of kids to have, but as it is not possible, we really have to punish ourselves to save the next generation…

  56. laura says:

    I am AS and My boyfriend is AS,I love him dearly and i dont want this relationship to end for any reason what so ever.He keeps saying he does not care if we are both AS for he is going to marry me no matter what.My mum and Dad are both AS and i have 5 Siblings of which only the last child is SS and i know what he goes through.I dont want such pain for my child.I was wondering if there is any medical solution that can help the luv of my life and I to avoid having a child that could be SS.

  57. kennedy says:

    to me i have not been in a relationship b4 ,but with the clear consideration i and my partner have i believe God will make a way out .but my advice is if you are not lead by God ,know witness between you and your partner .then you can change

  58. Tere says:

    I think it’s very selfish for AS/SS to marry AS/SS. It’s not just about you, unless you’re saying you are not going to have any children. It’s about your children and grandchildren and who they in turn will have children with. It’s about the generations that will come after you.

    I remember in University when a classmate who was SS died and some friends went to see his parents. The boy’s father said. “What can we do. We’re used to it. He’s the 3rd one to die. The last born will soon go too”. He was pointing to a little boy who was happily skipping around. Out of 6 kids, 4 were SS. The parents can be forgiven, because in their time they didn’t know any better. But do you think with what they know now that if they could go back in time they’d still have had children together?

    As someone said above, what we should be doing is trying to clear this blood defect that is peculiar to blacks, through wise child-bearing decisions and not for the sake of “love” further endangering future generations.

    In the same sentence people are talking of ‘trusting God’ and ‘doing prenatal test’. Why the prenatal tests if you’re trusting God? Or forgive me if I’m wrong isn’t the whole idea of having a prenatal diagnosis so that you can abort if the baby is revealed to be SS?

    Please let’s wake up and stop being selfish under the guise of trusting God. The fact that God has revealed the blood types to you before you got married is enough evidence that He cares.

    May the Lord help us all. Amen

  59. Grace says:

    Dennis,we went 2 the sickle cell center in lagos to make enquiries and we were told that the amount 4 the prenatal diagnosis is #230,000.can u imagine.i think they should make it 2 be cheap so that poor people can have access to it.

  60. KELECHI says:


  61. sam ike says:

    hi…… its been bothering me, but what are the likely results of our ofsprings when both parents are AS.. cos i love her and in my heart i believe there has to be a way to save our relationship (especially our children),,,

  62. Zainab says:

    i just dunno wat to say after hearing you folks….. i found out the person i was supposed to marry in january 2010 is AS on december 20th 2009, we parted and i headed for another friend. Sadly, he was AS too, and i called off. After discussing with my ex, whose love has been brewing in me for sum few years, we both thought it wise to come bak as lovers once more. he told me he never heard any reported case of Sickle cell trait in his entire family, but will try nd go for the test. we often joke about it that- if the results turns out to be AS we are committed to continue.

    Just few days ago, my friend went to collect his results from the Lab. to our ultimate dismay, it read AS. this is a person i love so much in my life. Have been making our marriage arrangements which is in a month’s time. i have difficulty falling in love with men as i am very selective- courtesy of my over-sensitivity about, most especially oral hygiene. i have disqualified so many people because of that.

    I hav since told my man to go ahead with wedding plans, i am not gonna stay unmarried for the rest of my life because of my AS status. afterall, children are born with many other congenital disorders.

  63. Ekwem says:

    What is the danger of having ss blood genotype

  64. Dammy says:

    Some Stuffs I read here just sounded really funny to me, its really good to embrasse some scientific facts but we can always reject the ones that doesnt make sense like this one, for a very long time those fools(pardon my lang) who called emselvs scientist have tried so many compound an mixtures to formulate ordinary breast milk, theyve been coming up with crap for years. I have a fiance that wed be getting Married soon its just of recent that we found that we are both AS, but I am confident on this matter that after our marriage we are not going to have any SS child, as I have a friend that his father is AS and Mother is AS, its not as if they dint know bout it before they got married, they did and as God had it they have six children and all of them are AS and AAs, thats no science you’d agree, ITS GOD and if he did that for that couple, HES DEFINATELY gonn do mine and others really in love and wann take this decision. Think about it, in the Book of Genesis, we are given dominion over anything on this earth, sickness, AS and what have you is part of the things on earth and we can use our dominion power to change the situation for our good, I luv that person that said something about ASKING GOD FOR WHAT WE WANT and he will grant it to us, that sentence is not borne out our decision, ITS GOD HIMSELF TELLING US TO ASK ANYTHING AND HE WILL GIVE IT TO US…….. You dont want SS on the list of ur Kids, ASK HIM!
    IDONT WANT that too and some other things I will ASK HIM and am sure HE WILL ANSWER Me. 10X

    • Ruth says:

      Hi Dammy,
      I just want to use this medium to say a very big thank for this encouragement you have given to me now. You have boosted my faith to the level i never expected this morning and am using this stories u gave as a point of contact that God that those ones will surely give me my own testimony to share wit you.

  65. Felix Ejiro says:

    Am in love with a Girl, she is SS while am AA and has all the quality I want, she’s good. she has the kind of Body that I really love, my dream wife. Can we marry 4 Love?

  66. ngozi says:

    i love my boyfriend and he loves me back dearly but unfortunately we are both AS.we ave parted but still see each i try to stay away frm him but its rily difficult it also is for him .no one ones to let go completely he has become so much a part of me so i wonder why did we meet and au do i go on/am i supposed to base my relationships on the genotype of my spouses or does love rily not count wen one is getting married,is dis the way GOD planned it,i truly believe not.i believe strongly dat it would work but he doesnt maybe bcos of family influence we ound out sep09 and till now we cant let go of each other i dont no wat to do,i heard chances of aving a sickler depend on ur a and s ratio please let me no all d details or should i 4get abt love and use genotype as my bases for marriage i think not

  67. Tiamiyu Rasak says:

    am AS and in a relationship with an Sc i’m confused on whether to let go of her bcos i’v gone far. Pls advice.

  68. Idama David says:

    Pls kindly send articles & publications on genotype: AA/AS/SS in marriage counselling to my E-mail. Thanks in anticipation.

  69. segun succes says:

    i am AA and in relationship witn an AS.I love her so much and want to marry her.Can i go ahead?pls advise and tel all the possibility

  70. adeola says:

    I am AS in a relationship hoping to lead to marriage with an AA.Can i go ahead?pls advise

  71. benedict pwol says:

    please, kindly sent me reply on my email on AA/AS/SS in marriage concelling. thanks.

  72. Ben Q says:

    What if I am AA and the beautiful lady happens to be SS, is this relationship advisable?

  73. Mobank says:

    It’s very funny that every one speaks from his or her point of view, about this very serious issue, I feel & I think that one should really do much research about genotype, sickle cell, the management of the sickness and what it takes to still love & be in love with your partner, It seem to me that most people who talk about love don’t really love, if it just so easy to say good bye to the one you truly love just because of genotype, then we must do a rethink. It’s a good thing to know your genotype but is most bad to use that to break true love, I have never heard this issue been discussed in most western world, but in Africa & in Nigeria in particular, Do you propose to a lady because she will bear you beautiful & healthy children or because of the love that attracted her to you, so let LOVE prevail in this matter, because there is no mountain love can not climb or challenges love can not face. if there is really true LOVE. We have giving too much to fear of the unknown or the known as a result of the genotype test. We have seen so much children with disabilities of parents with AA / AS or AA / AA genotype, autism, physical & mental retard, disfigurement & other ailments. If LOVE is what really bring people together, they should also be able to withstand what they have in front of them with love. How many people can determine the genotype of their parents, most people with AS or AA genotype were the children of AS / AS parents, if these parents have known their genotype as we know today, they wouldn’t have married. so we should not let science create fear for us. Let God have his way, there are too many fear mongers around, let each individual decide there future with out fear. LOVE should be paramount here. What is the guarantee, that a healthy AA/ AA children will leave to be 15years or 25years. Is only God who knows if the dry bones will rise again. Love has no fear. I am AS & my Partner is AS, we are ready to face the future with GOD & with the true LOVE we have for each other. With GOD all things are possible. Follow your heart, don’t compare your situation with others, there are many true stories of love & miracles, all fingers are not equal. What God has for me is not what God has for you. Be encouraged & let LOVE & GOD take care of the future for you. The problem we have is there is no more true, sincere & genuine LOVE. People love for one reason or the other.

    • YBT says:

      Mobank, I’m really motivated with your writting. Really, do we marry for companionship or to have kids? Most youths have no idea on the true , God reason for marraige.
      Love is faith, love is hope and love is God. If we believe in God and ourselves we would follow our hearts cos God is in us. It doesnt matter on the experiences of others around you, with God, but with science, it does. Your miracle could be to have healthy SS trait free children, But really, we marry for companoinship. Mobank, God bless you and your union. IJN.

  74. I think our curiosity is wat is putting us into problem. Our problem is dt we are too wise &we left God. I've done d test twice & one is AS and d other is AA,then which one should i follow?this is plan from hell 2make us leave our heaven made part says:

    Thank u

  75. Doris says:

    Am in love with a Guy, he is AS while am AA, Can we get marry to each other?

    • officer says:

      You guys can marry each other without any problems. And for those couples who are both AS’es, there are two ways;
      I’ll update you guys later…

  76. Harry says:

    pls can a man with AS genotype marry a woman with AA genotype for them to have healthy children with no sickle cell?

  77. irainy says:

    hi, i just had a discussion with my girlfriend about sickle genotype and that’s what brought me to this page. i am yet to take the test and she wants to leave if i turn out to be AS since she is AS. i think it is absurd. WHERE LIES THE DYNAMICS OF FAITH if we allow something like this to run our lives. that suggests that by virtue of the fact that we belong to a particular genotype, we have already been banned from dating or loving a special group of people before we were old enough to make our first sound or squeeze our first finger. how can a God who came to set us free still be so limiting and trap us in a way so unfair? AS and AS could give AA, AS or SS children. why the scare when chances of having the SS is just 1/3? isnt the the 2/3 worth anything? i believe it comes down to what God has said about the relationship. many are the thoughts of man including SCIENCE AND GENOTYPE but only the council of the Lord (HIS WORD) shall stand. for those of you who have witnessed a loved one suffer, i am terribly sorry for you. i have a friend who still continues to suffer. but he has experienced love and has seen the restorative power it brings. it may not change the genotype and take away the pain but it brings a fulfillment and peace and so many other bounties that good health alone can’t give. i don’t think even he will council u to break because u have a 1/3 chance of giving birth to SS. what happened to loving INSPITE OF and not loving BECAUSE OF? what happened to couples in such a situation deciding to adopt a homeless child and give him or her the priviledge of being loved in a family; a priviledge the were denied. i think depending on the age at which u adopt them, u ill be the only parent the will know. they will be your child and will love u as a biological child would. doesn’t that count for anything? some one help me understand cuz i obviously don’t see the issue.

    • Ruth says:

      I quite agree with you. Point of correction, the chances of having SS is 1/4. If you do your chat well, that is – AS Vs AS, you have AA, AS, AS, SS. The chances is 1/4 = 25%. I believe we still have 75% chances.


  78. I have a friend of my who happen to be my dearest is in a state of dilemma because he has a Genotype of As,while his fiance has a genotype of As. Hence my question lies on, what will he do in that condition.

  79. lolowo olamide says:

    but wait o, so what u ar now saying is that i need to go around and start looking for my match (AA),,, like her or not,, so that she will start behaving or start to ride me… no way

  80. chidi benjy-iwuoha says:

    pls send me updates

  81. Brave says:

    Going thru comments from different respondents on ds sensitive issue,i feel like contributing.My parents are of ‘AS’ genotype and av six children: one ‘SS’,one ‘AA’ and four ‘AS’. I grew up knowing fully well what sicklers pass thru during their crisis.But how do i explain ds: presently,am married to a lady who is pregnant and we both share the same genotype of ‘AS’. May God help us all.

  82. Paul says:

    am AS and my wife to be is AA, can i marry her?

  83. SEGE says:

    People, it is with God that ALL things are possible. I’m AS married to AS and through the TENDER MERCIES of GOD, we have a beautiful baby boy of AA to the glory of our God.Please, have FAITH and believe in the power of JESUS CHRIST…….

  84. melvis Albert says:

    Dear friends, there is the girl i love so much, we have dated for long and we loved each other so, for me, i cannot do without her… But i was suprise to hear her telling me that she is SS, meanwhile i am AA… Please can anyone give me advice please, I am AA and she is SS, will the relationship work our well, whats is the possibilty that we would make big in Life… Please someone should help me, its urgent before i take decision.

  85. Francis says:

    I would like you to tell me the advantages and disadvantages of having AA as blood genotype

  86. gabriella says:

    pls if u find out u n ur partner are both as, pls let go off wt ever dt u hv 4 each other n pray u find ur partner

  87. gabriella says:

    pls, somebody said marriage is not to have children. i dont believer her, if getting marred is not to hv children why going for it, when u can go out there and make as many frds as u want and with who ever u want to make it with.

    • YBT says:

      Hey Gabriella, i have a question for you, are you saying that couples that dont have kids (not of their will) are ” wasting their time ” together being married?

  88. Frank says:

    I am AA and she is AA can we give birth to AS??????

  89. Pounds says:

    Why is it Nigerian alone that is using the term AA, AS and SS? Is the term correct?

  90. A T Gilbert says:

    the probability of having a SS child is not generalized in all AS – AS marriages. The literary explanation of filial generation is with consecutive succession. This is never attainable in reality, as there is likely not going to be pregnancies with all ovulations. With God, the idea of genotype matching is meaningless. Think of our great grandparents and marriages. Science is confusing us.

  91. FiftyJeans says:

    Do i have a problem? bcos i am Genotype AA and O Negative in Blood Group. Am i free to marry both AS and SS?

  92. Zuciya says:

    I’m in this situation and instead of beibg confused, I took a decision to marry my AS gf and our decision would avoid SS children. Make research based on facts and not sentiments and look for IVF or PGD in Nigeria. Stop fooling yourself being confused and a combination of faith + science woild help you. The internet is in abundance of information but in this part of the world, we are ever so lazy to update ourselves and whenever the guys out there we sit down behind our PCs to easily condemn it.

  93. Me says:

    Guys just educate yourself on the options available. Update yourself and make research on the internet and make your decision rightly. leave sentiments aside.

  94. chinny says:

    I am confused myself. can u please throw more light on all the Genotype issue. and where can one get a center to run the test. I am in lag. SUrulere precisely.


    • Nnenne says:

      Pls ensure you go to a well reputable medical centre. This is because, some centres give wrong diagnosis and are more likely to tell you that you are AA.

      Good luck

      • AD says:

        Yea dats true nnenna, I know of someone who went for a test and was declared to be AA only to hv a child with someone dat is AS and she then has a sickler SS she was adviced to go for another test which she did only to discover dat she is AS, Poor medical facility is really killing us in this country, I advise dat one goes for confirmation atleast twice in two diff reputable labs

  95. De Prince says:

    Everybody I need ur reply as numerous as it could be. I was madly in love with a lady before I left the sore of my nation, had a court marriage with her and did intro.
    Was responsible for her upkeeping and wellbeing for solid 26 months, just to be called by her father recently that he just went somewhere to pray and was told we are not meant to be couple. I had done everything needed for this lady to join me in diaspora and now was told they had vision and had to go and pray again about the whole issue and finds out we cannot marry each other.
    The one I had so much love with my heart also told me herself she cant continue with what God has not support meanwhile before we started at all her parent both told us they had gone to seek God’s face about it and we can proceed with our affair, now I am confuse… can God change His word?… Never, cux my bible tells me forever oh lord thy word is settled.
    Meanwhile we were told a prophecy by one of her father pastor’s friend when we 1st started that we shud be careful of happenings in d future that would almost break us and now it is here and she is backing out. Is it that she was deceiving me initially or she has fallen in luv with some1 else or she lost her virginity to some1 else, for she was 1 before I left and we both agreed to keep it as a respect for a dignity.

    My big problem now is that we have to divorce which i dread most in y life and even in my thirties and she in her twenties, and the major problem right now is that out of three other possible ladies I may consider, the 1 my heart I am leaning so much towards is an AS just like myself and she is ready to have our 1st child as early as we can… what shud I do?

  96. tunde says:

    @ Meah, I feel ur concern, I’m sure we are sorry if we make u feel that way,but lack of knowledge is the surest way for a man to perish. Its good to share knowledge and enlighten people.

    Not to long ago, my girl friend(now my wife) and I found out we were both AS, although I have always known mine,say from my child hood, as my mum never stopped telling us how she lost nine of her siblings to the sickle cell stuff, she being the sole survivor. Back to my story, I knew my wife was a good woman, as I already had a great dose of women that lacked virtue and this is no lie. We only decided to take our case to God, spoke with a christian friend who told me if God wanted us to be together, he will surely make a way.

    Trusting God, she was pregnant and someone told us about the sickle cell centre opposite LUTH, and we went there to have a test called PND test, which basically entails them taking samples from the embryo and determining the genotype of the baby. It was really a lot of worry, but childs play to the trauma of not knowing until after delivery and the life after. The result came out great and says our baby was AA, she is 3weeks old now and we will go back to the centre in 5months time to double check. Science isn’t God u know?

    This is true story, and I’m not asking anybody to take an unnecessary, I only want to share my experience. This we have kept a big secrete from both parents.

  97. Tosyn says:

    I’m a staunch believer in God and miracles. The issue of SS children is far reaching than most of the comments I have read here. With due respect to everyone, how many of us who claim to be in love have had our loves and relationships tested? To gamble into marriage based on romantic feeling or excitement that we have termed love this day is most misleading. I believe if God is leading you into d marriage depite being AS/AS, He’ll sort you out…But the big question is, how many (even most of us that commented) can boldly say they heard God?I’m in third position of four children (2 boys, 2 girls) from AS/AS parents. Two of my siblings(2 boys) are late (well early enough…before 4yrs) cos they were sicklers. I can really tell you that my parent’s marriage went thru a lot of trying times at that time…Thank God they are still together today. But let me sound this note of warning, what sustained the relationshp is not the romantic excitements most of us call love. Think deeply, don’t discard wise counsel, even our grandparents lost children to SS but it was easy to tag those children as “abiku” and “Ogbanje” cos of lack of knowledge. My submission is this: the decision to go ahead with an AS/AS marriage requires more thoughtfulness than romantic love…You must be SURE you heard God…cos when the chips are down,one will discover how easily romantic love cracks under pressure. If God is leading you into it, He’ll give the grace to bear whatever happens.

  98. o'ziggy says:

    I hv loved my guy 4 2yrs now & he recently proposed. We’re both AS but I trust & hv faith in God dt we’ll not hv SS children cos wit Him all things r possible & he can change even d worst situations 4 better.

  99. Flora says:

    My fiance is As and i am As also and we are both getting married. back in d days they were neva bothered so same goes for me.

  100. costance says:

    hi my fiance aged 28 just got to know of his genotype ss when he fell sick which he repeated in several reputable hospitals ,though he has not been having crisis I keep wondering if he is telling the truth if it is what is the posibility of us getting married seeing dat am AA

  101. SJ says:

    My Girl is always sick although she is AA, I don’t know what could be the problem but doctor said is malaria.

  102. Nnenne says:

    I have been lifted by this site and all the comments. I am in a wonderful relationship with a guy I have always wanted. But recently, when I brought up the genetype question, shockingly he said he is AS, I am AS and have already lost a brother to sickle cell anemia.

    My guy says to me not to worry about it that God will be in control, but I am worried and considering finding another person, but I dont think I can ever be this happy.

    I am seriously confused and hoping on God to direct me.

    I would advice anyone from Nigeria to get tested twice, and if financially able, get it done abroad too. This is because I have come across people who were told in Nigeria that they were AA but later found that they are actually AS, following subsequent tests in the Uk.

    God help us

  103. Oma says:

    I guess, it’s when one finds him/herself in a situation, you know about such sites. I’m truly happy to have bumped into this site and I just believe the Holy Spirit led me here to just convict me more. So thank you to everyone who truly recognized the power of LOVE and GOD.

    I have known my fiance for over 8years and we got engaged a few months ago. We plan to get married very soon and plans are already on ground – fixing dates, church venue, families have already begun to plan etc and we just discovered that we are both AS. Sad thing is, he had even done this test 2/3 times from his childhood and the results came out as AA, but now because of church counselling, we had to go for another and he was given AS in over 2 labs.

    First of all, I am CONVINCED in my heart that this is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with, he is kind, caring and my best friend and i can tell him anything. He is one of those few people you meet in life and you KNOW “I’m lucky to find one of the good ones”. So, now…I am obligated to leave him because of genotype? That wasn’t even his fault in the first place, after all, he was told he was AA in the past and that’s what we have always worked with. Yes, I know God says be wise, but I don’t think God can be that manipulative and wicked.

    I believe you have what you say and I have already begun to speak to my womb. So I refuse to give up the joy and peace I feel in my heart because of fear. ….If He says….I SHALL HAVE WHATEVER I SAY AND HE WILL GIVE ME THE DESIRES OF MY HEART. I WILL Have my babies and they will not be SS. Yes, if I really didn’t love this guy and we haven’t been so close up unto this point or gone this far….I would say okay yeah, let it go….but it’s not so easy now to let go when you know the treasure you have, how connected you are with this person and how hard it is to find a good guy these days….. Sometimes, I think we limit God so much and EQUATE Him to mathematics and science. EVERYONE who is saying vehemently,”give up and let go” are you guys saying God cant change the blood of your baby during conception in the womb. Besides, what’s all the communion we take then if it’s not the blood of Jesus and you activate that in your life?. I believe you can speak to ANY situation – including the blood of the babies God is sending your way. After all,He gives the kids…. and He will PERFECT that which concerns me and everyone else who is going on ahead to do this also in this article.

    GOD is faithful

    Like some one said – who says your getting married AA to AA means a happy home or even means you will have kids at all anyway….

    • Ruth says:

      I am richly blessed through your comment and i join u in prayer that our wombs shall never be a carrier for SS child(ren).

      Stay bless.

  104. Joe says:

    all trash, if i am AS and i fall in lov e with SS i will marry her and nothing would happen. i am a scientist too.

  105. Joe says:

    now how can we define “love” do you guyz believe in love some stupid genotype thing? what if an AS is in love with SS and they leta discover it. what happen? quit love becoss of some scientific thing? or should i be asking any woman on the road for genotype? i dont think this make sense to me.

    • bobbychipero says:

      You must have faith but also bare in mind that it will be greedy of you to call it love when you see kids with SS, suffering… then you will know you are indeed greedy… We pray this will not be our portion in Jesus name.. AMEN

  106. Destiny says:

    How many women want 2 experience d pain of child labour 4 fun & how many men want 2 stand d pain of waiting 4 d doctor 2 announce 2 them “if their loved 1 survived or not” 4 fun. If no body wants 2, then why does a person having AS gene wants 2 marry another having same AS gene 4 luv? Don’t they knw dat d SS CHILD they bring 2 d world is condemn 2 a peaceless life.

  107. effanga anwanane says:

    this debate is one that will go on thru the years. i think medical science shud come up with a selection process, a means of preventing SS offspring from the beginning. Wat if there are more AS genotype than AA? Wat chances do the AS have?

  108. Darayola says:

    I am AA but my Girl Friend is SS…She is just all i want for a lifetime…Please i need to know..I learnt if they are able to live to a particular age that they will free…How true is that?
    And are they liable to die young?
    Please i need to know?

  109. LAWRENCE says:

    Recently, quit a relationship built on godly principle cos my girl is AS and i am As too. that was a good thing to do cos the bible say that foolish is the man that sees calamity and concealed it. i cant afford to be gambly.

  110. AOM says:

    Am confused. Am so so confused. We are both AS.

  111. Gabriel says:

    God is good… I am simply speechless.

  112. Denys says:

    This Genotype thingy is killing me(AS/AS) .

    I don’t know if this website is Nigerian because you hardly see the Westerners bother their lives ova such matters because it hardly disturbs them as they have positive approaches .

    I thank you all for your contributions of hope,faith,love and fears .I think the comments and views has been enlighten so far. D one who wears the shoes knows which sides hurt the most.

    I’m AS so is my girlfriend..we discovered we were both AS last month and since the news,we haven’t been the same… Shes been scared and acting up. 7yrs of peaceful relationship fading away cos of d dis mystery. I love her so much that diseases,illness,difficulties cant hold me back from her. I have been strong for us mentally,spiritually,psychologically knowing and believing we gonna scale through ( No SS child )but she couldn’t or doesn’t want to see light to any positive possibilities. She feels all negative and unrealistic about death and pains . I have tried everything to convince her but all she wanna do is end the relationship. Just like that!!

    People tend not to fight for love, if so why is it called LOVE. They also forget God is infinite in all perfection & they keep faith in him not. He could turn around your fears to joy, he did be with you both and your kids did all be AA,AS no SS.

    Scientifically & Medically, the odds are 25% far back 2003. I know the risk gonna b low now. Little chance you might have a child with the disease, there’s also a way that your first kids 2/3 kids won’t have the disease. If medically, I could have an assurance of %75 and faith in God, I would definitely go ahead . Millions of people have gone through this, some are very happy(they scaled through cos of what they believed in) while some didn’t pull through successfully. It all depends on your own choice.

    Personally, I can get married to AS because I have got GOD & LOVE . These are the greatest JOY,PEACE and HAPPINESS in life.

    Life & happiness is not all about making babies though . Love gives you fulfillment and happiness. Lets not always think primitive & 9jalike, its time we embrace modernization & civilization .

    God help us.

  113. Kcee says:

    I and my girl just met 7 months ago, she’s SS n i AS, now am planing of backing off, cos i cant see maself been streessed out after i’ve suffered long enough to make my dough. But to be sincire, i love this girl so much. It is said in the BIBLE that, “MY PEOPLE SUFFER FOR LACK OF KNOWLEGDE”

  114. Amaka says:

    It is well.

  115. ola says:

    I lost my 7 year old nephew to sickle cell disease last Sunday. My mum was a nurse, so she made sure me and my siblings know our genotypes since we were little. I am AS, so from a young age I know I can only marry AA, which God made happened.
    My brother is also AS, but he ignored my parents’ warning and married a woman who is AS. He claimed to have faith in God, which he did. He was a strong Christian and I am born again and spirit filled, but God also said not to test Him.
    We are mourning my brother’s son today. So please if you are single and you know you are have S cell, please choose your partner wisely. I pray no one ever have to lose a child, it is the worst pain ever. God bless.

    • biodun says:

      Hw ar u so sure about is faith, my dear nobody knows how God works, He says I wil hav mercy on those I wil hav mercy on and compassion on those I wil hav compassion on. My parent ar both AS and they hav 5 of us, non SS but we hav an AA to the glory of God and they ar non believers. Good christain die young too while d bad ones live long, evrything is for the purpose of God and God is going 2 take His Glory in ur Brother’s life…he will never regret serving him if truly he his

  116. ola says:

    Westerners do not panick about sickle cell because they have advanced medical resources to take care of their patients.
    They have resources to track iron levels during blood transfusion, which tends to go higher each time a sickler gets transfusion.
    In Nigeria, we are still behind medically. That is why we should not be ignorant. Love must have It’s eyes wide open when it comes to relationships. Just saying.

  117. melitus says:

    how can one select baby the have no ss because i and my wife are AS both

  118. Dipopo Armani says:

    u’ve all made sensible comments, but everythin still boils down 2 CHOICE, LOVE and FAITH…with good faith in God we can make the right Choice of Love.

  119. nancy says:

    i am an AS+ lady with in love with As+ guy, i believe the love in marriage should conquer all things.

  120. Valentine says:

    Deny’s, please dont give up, you have the internet just carry out a few research on this onthe medical websites, i will help you do the same and am hopefull we will come to positive conclusion.
    i believe their must have been an improvement in the western world on how to correct AS to AA or to prevent the baby from carrying the ss gene.
    here is my mail feel free to exchange informations (munonyedivalentine@gmail.com)

  121. dede says:

    waow. i realised this piece was written in 2009 but is still very relevant. just like a few others, i have also had my personal experience. i had to break up with an ex about two years ago when we discovered we were both AS and it was so painful. since then ave had several proposals and because of my experience i always wanna find out your genotype even before i start considering. Ave let a lotta good guys go because they are not AA and for some strange reasons, the AA guys ave tried to date have all not ended well. That has made me realize that marriage should not be based on genotype. Should i date a guy i dont love so much cos hes AA and i feel am ripe for marriage instead of a guy i love so much that is AS. Is there a limitation as to what God can do? I am currently in love with someone who is AS and i have another guy who wants to marry me desperately who is AA. Should i go for this AA guy? isnt my happiness also important and if i must say more important than this genotype thing. Arent there couples who are both AA and cant even have children or have kids with other illnesses. I strongly believe that God is the author and finisher of my faith and hes able to give me healthy kids, genotype or no genotype. At the end of the day, the sole purpose of marriage should not be children.

    • YBT says:

      Im truely blessed with this. Truely, marraiage is for companionship and love. So genotype or not, im staying with my love. God is the author and finisher of my faith.

  122. moe says:

    i have not a specific response to AA marrying an SS, good or bad? Pls just simple clarification on this. Thanks.

  123. OMO says:

    I’m AC and She’s AS. DO you think I should still go ahead with her???

    • Gbenga says:

      Dear Omo,
      If an AC genotype marries an AS genotype, there is a 25% chance of you having a child that is SC (Which are associated with clinical signs, symptoms and syndromes of Sickle Cell). Also, you have a similar 25% chance of having either AA, AS, or AC (are not associated with clinical signs, symptoms and syndromes of Sicke Cell). The choice is yours whether its worth taking the risk. In my view, the scale of probability is similar to to AS/AS situation:
      In the case of AC/AS, If you give birth to 4 children, you will have AA, AS, AC and SC, but the issue is you dont have control on which of these genotype will come first, second, third or fourth. So… if your choice is to go ahead, you must realise that there is a 25% risk that your first child could be SC.

  124. lustre says:

    Hmm. So much for a topic. I am in the same dilema; AS/AS. Very fantastic relationship. My man and i have decided to be patient and see/hear what God will do/say cos i was so devastated as my mum had told me i was AA only for me out of curiosity did a test and was told am AS. We love ourselves so much. Destiny brought us together. I belive in God, i believe in miracles, i believe in the “Donts of life” too but at the end of the day only God is all-knowing-HE has always been the unchangeable changer. HE never changes but he changes situations. i would like to be updated on any breakthrough concerning this topic please

  125. Doyin says:

    It is well with all AS individuals

  126. Doyin says:

    My girl,has done the test twice,her mum said she was AS,dat she did test for when she was in pry sch,when she got into sec sch,the sch did the test but the result shows AA…but we plannin to go to more reputable lab for test..i pray it comes out good….it is well in Jesus name

  127. OMO says:

    I can suggest a place for you if I know you location. Lots of the labs out there are just crap, and one should be sure on where to go to so as not to be misled.

  128. SANDY says:

    i’m 25years and i wish i could display my pictures for you to see(so tall and fit physically)…years ago my doctor told me i could not take drugs that contain iron because i’m SS… i died that day but i’m stronger than you. i met my boyfriend in camp {NYSC) and he just took his genotype test and found out he was AS… i cried alot and cannot get over it. But i don’t intend to give up on the relationship.. i can have a baby and adopt the rest. God has done a mighty work in my life… LOVE is a beautiful thing and i can’t give up on love. I can’t give up on GOD,i know he has plans for us.

  129. cindy says:

    I found out on my birthday that I and my finance are AS I’m so so confused but I know there is nothing too difficult for God to do.

  130. gabriel says:

    can AA marry AA

  131. Sometimes the person you love so much may not be for you, no one can understand why it’s so , am AS and the girl i love so much is SS, and we have been modern a friend for good 3yres, am so Alfred to let her go, because she is part of me, but she said to ME, I know you love me as I do but the caned of pan i do have i don’t what my kids to be like me SS, SO let us do the right thing at the right time. SO life do not want us to be together

  132. Chiko says:

    I am AA and OD positve, can some one explain it better to me?

  133. Favouredandblessed says:

    I took time to read all this but i would like to let you know am an AS and my hubby AS, we just had our first child and hes not SS. However, there is a means of knowing what you’ve concieved under 3month of pregnancy which is 50/50 chances of the baby survival if tested but its better. We used faith on our first but am the weak one and cant afford to do that on the second child although the process is very painful and risk the life of the child but i believe i better suffer the pain once than make my child suffer for life. The process include inserting needle through your stomach to the barely formed baby’s heel to prick him and get his blood for testing.

    Also, its free for uk citizen but in all honesty i do not advice you to carry on in marriage if you are in nigeria and cant afford this. If you can come over and pay for it pls go ahead with it cos if you love someone this would be worth deciding first. Also, IVF or preimplantation can be used whereby the right sperm of your hubby is inserted but its a 50/50 chance too and its about 1million naira or more to do, free in uk or around £3,500 depends on your circumstances.

    All SS are borne mostly due to ignorance on both parent in time past, now that you are well informed of the risk and solutions you have to decide what you want.

    I would also add some are however luck and their 3 children aint SS, i forgot to let you know my hubby is a divorcee and earlier married an AS too and their 2 kids aint SS now with me hes still not have one of such. I also learnt the AS thing has categories and some are weaker than other so you may be lucky. I must also add that in UK you get free treatment on the child and even money cos they are termed as disable…you also get blood transfussion every 2 weeks so the crisis thing is well controlled…here, you would not even know one is a sickler cos of the way they are looked after and becomes normal looking and healthy not like the ones you see in nigeria,

    In nutshell, people should be well informed in nigeria about genotype. As a graduate i never knew my genotype until i got a job and got tested, my parents always say we are all AA confusing blood group for genotype. If i survive 3 children and no SS i intend making a good publicity of genotype but believe me…YES! Faith has helped my hubby thus far but how many people have such faith….why bring a child into the world to suffer when you can prevent it. And i must let you know my child was predicted by God after about 3yrs of delay, so we know he wont be an SS cos we heard God clearly on the month we would concieve, his name and sex was also foretold,,,,,Either go ahead and marry in faith, produce children in faith or get testing or preimplantation before giving birth….either way, once you escape to have 2 or 3 children safely, just stop and praise God….Stop bothering fellas, the options for AS ans AS getting married and enjoying marriage is open to decided upon by both of you…dont dump your love if you can take on the available options, dump your love if you cant. Its that simple.

    • cheta says:

      True talk dear.tanx for makin my morning.being crying all thru.God help naijja to avert the problems arising from such a delicate issue nd help us have radical faith and the grace to hear from him.Amen

  134. Esther Duodu says:

    I am AS and my fiance is AS. Should we stay together or go our separate ways?

  135. YBT says:

    I’ve never really cared about the genotype thing even though i know a little about it learnt in school. Never really been close to anyone with the SS trait. But now im hurting cos my relationship is at stake cos both of us are both AS. He had a sister who died of sickle cell at the age of 27. He’s mom is sensitive to the issue. we really do love eachother and want to be together. I’ve also prayed about us and was sure we are meant to be, before we knew abt our genotype. He wants to have faith with me but He’s scared after his past experiences.
    we want to let go, but i dont want to, really.
    I was researching on the AS trait when i came across this blog. Ive seen friends and relations who are both AS with SS free kids. I want to trust God on this, but it hurts so much to part ways. God i need you to speak to us once more on this. Let your will be done. and pls take the hurt away, IJN, amen.

  136. Tokunbo says:

    Am AA,can i mary somebody who is SS,what risk involve in future

  137. Taiwo adekunle says:

    I’m AS she is AS should i stay or live.

  138. beee says:

    I just found out lastnight,my relationship of 7months might come to ano end,he’s AS am AS,i couldnt sleep all night,i dont no what to do,i need help or suggestions. Its unfair how we put our love to end becos of our gene ,am so confused and been crying since i wokeup. Am tired of falling in and out of love.

  139. rabi says:

    Wow! I v read evrybody’s comment, view n perception 2 dis genotype thing. And evrybody r ryt wt dia own views. They say u neva knw hw sm1 feels till u walk in dia shoes. Education dey say is d key 2 all things. Any step we all want 2 tke is good considerin its u dat it will affect 2moro. Bt my own advice 2 evrybody esp we nigerians is dat we shuld stop lukin 4 xcuses. Yes genotype is a prblm bt its nt a prblm dat dia is no solution 2 it. God has blessed us wt so much knwledge dat its hw we use it dat matters. We r told 2 knw our genotype so dat we wil knw hw 2 go on 4rm dia. I bliv bein an AA/AS/SS is nt really a big deal. I mean dia r worse diseases in dis world n who says its genotype dat kills. Wat kills is ignorance. 2day dia r so many break thrus n diff ways of preventin all dis. And always keep in mind dat our parents or siblings or frends mistakes r nt our own. Dia mistakes shuld b a guide thru 4 us so dat we can prevent certain things. If u luv sm1 n u feel u want 2 spend d rest of ur lyf wt dat person den go 4 it bt always v a back up plan in ur sleeve. And we shuld always v it at d back of our mind dat we r nt God, he tests our faith at any given tym n thru anythin. So when we v science (which is man made) 2 guide us thru, we shuld always rely on God (who is omnipotent n own us all). Whether genotype, cancer, AIDS or any disease God has destined us all n hw we will come 2 dis world n hw we will die. Dis lyf is very small n God has given us dat LOVE 2 ease d pains we always go thru.

  140. kemi says:

    i would advice people to take the test at least twice before gving up on a relationship as the labs tend to make mistakes

  141. Leo says:

    How possible is it for someones genotype to change from AS to SS.

  142. Denys says:

    I believe the AS/AS shouldn’t be much of a problem for us anymore. Knowledge is power,Ignorance kills.

    I posted my story/shared my views on this topic May 2011. A painful Ãήϑ shattered heart then but approximately a week after my comment,I was BEAUTIFULLY AWESOME. My prayers was answered, God made my girlfriend see my possibilities Ãήϑ chances of us not given birth †º SS when we αяє married.

    Its our own decision †º make,Our choice and I believe love is about sacrifices and happiness . I wouldn’t want †º bore you guys with what happened but these αяє what I need †º tell you.

    There αяє preventive methods,not 110% though but it something to hold on to, an assurance of hope,faith n believe.

    Medically /scientifically:

    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) .

    There is also a medical process that would be carried out before Ãήϑ after conception then a test/diagnoses that could be used to determine the genotype of the baby after few months. If the embryo-genetic test tends to be SS,you might induce the pregnancy or allow it,your CHOICE. Prevention is way better than cure though.

    Be advised,look beyond Nigeria,I don’t know if we hv d know-how,equipment here. Mostly done in Western world(US,UK,CANADA etc).Its kinda abit expensive but your love,happiness,fulfilment is all that matters.

    Myself and my girlfriend have stopped worrying over this issue as we have decided on what †º do. we have bin optimistic Ãήϑ hopeful we going †º come out fine.


    Favouredandblessed: Oct 27 2011.

    She is a testimony,she and her hussy had faith, embraced the western approach and they came through. Read her comment Ãήϑ learn more facts Ãήϑ figures.

    Jumoke : Oct 19 2011 (website link on IVF/PGD).

    Research more on your own time as well.

    You all have got options ,why give up on ur love while you have answers/options †º make it last forever. Love is fun Ãήϑ happiness…Embrace one of these options and have faith in God .

    Merry christmas Ãήϑ happy new year in advance. Have a stress free ASAS problem life. *smiles*

  143. Abimbola says:

    Am a christian. A winner! God can do just anything. i was once AS but now, i am AA. Just faith in God and obedience. God is still doing miracles! He did it in my life. i am still AA and i thank God. Just have faith in Him, He’ll change that AS or SS to AA.

    • bobbychipero says:

      Thanks a lot Abimbola for the encouragement, I’m a Christian and Winner as well.. I have heard numeruous testimonies of AS turining to AA and I have claimed my miracle by faith.. I know my God will answer me speedily..This is the only delay presently in my marital life because I cannot imagine going out to find another lady again… I also learnt that there is a modern development to remove the S type while the lady is still pregnant but don’t know how true its

    • princess says:

      Hi abimbola, God reali has done somthin great for u. i am still holding unto God for this miracle for months, with faith i have received it and i know by Gods grace i will come back here to share my testimony soon. When you talk of obedience, wat reali did u mean. as in in wat sense.

    • Mariam says:

      This is what am praying on, i want GOD τ☺ change mine too,pls i need τ☺ Kŋoω how U did dαt, i having bin fasting αnd praying,Just scared Of goin ƒøя a second test.

    • TITILAYO says:


      LET ME AV U NUMBER OR F/SH 08022344616

  144. sammy warepamor says:

    I want to ask I’m not cleared on the issue of blood groups and genotypes. Which is which? Where does all thes fall into AS,AA,SS,O+,O-,A,AB,B,BO?

  145. Ademola Mowa says:

    Pls. Councel me on genotype to marry if I am AS.

  146. bukky says:

    A̷̷̴̐͠ friend told ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ of recent dat she heard D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣γ̲̣̣̥ av found solution 2 AS and AS getting married 2 each other.i don’t kown how true it ȋ̝̊̅ڪ.?

  147. Frank says:

    I am this victim of AS with my girl. In the case I should present my result to rev. Fr. or Pastor to wed as most of them are against it, what should I do and how do I get wedded. Time is against me and to start looking for a new partner is hell to me considering the extent we have gone and the love. it took me time to have this girl.
    Pls advise

  148. musa says:

    Please Help me I am AS and she is AS should we marry, what is the implication on our children?

  149. Samuel funso says:

    It is possible for AA genotype married to AA genotype and produce AS genotype?

  150. I’m AA and my wife is SS what should I do.

  151. Jubril says:

    I just have a question can AC and AS marry?

  152. Ayobami says:

    Hmm going thru all ur comments took me a long 1.25hrs bcos its worth it. I found out that the knowledge God gave us has been used wrongly nd against ourselves. We blacks also add ignorance to complicate it all. B4 I left Nigeria, I really believe in dis rubbish as well but my eyes were open wen I got to London. Its bcos our country lacks basic infrastructure to sustain us dats why we recognise that someone is SS or AS. Come to UK nd see an SS dats is fat nd far more healthier dan a Nigerian AA. My girlfriend is SS nd she has neva fall sick for the past 15yrs dat she has been livin in UK. So pls expand ur knowledge nd stop swallowing all dis rubbish. Wise up guys, stop limiting the power of love nd stop LIMITING the POWER of GOD!! Talk abt how to make the country a mosquito free environment that will accommodate all. I LOVE MY SS baby. Do you lov yours?

  153. Suku says:

    I wana know if there is any solution to As to As.

  154. Melody says:

    She is As n am As but i want to marry her,can’t do without her,i need a solution on how not to give birth to a sickle cell baby

  155. Manuel says:

    Educate me more on this issue

  156. Tayo says:

    I’m in the same dilemma too.. We’ve dated for 6yrs. However, I always knew i was AS and he knew he was AA. So we carried on based on that knowledge. However, as fate would have it, he went for a test because of a job he was applying for, and realised he was AS! Our parents will not support our union as his family and friends are already advising him against the “dangerous” union. But I believe we will have healthy babies free from the SS genes. However, we are prayerfully approaching it and waiting to hear from God to give us His full go ahead. But the issue may arise when we want to convince our respective families.. I bellieve God will have His way if we are really meant to be. But Meanwhile we are updating ourselves with the various medical advancements and improvements to help prevent having SS babies. Our fingers are crossed while we are waiting to hear clearly from God and once we do, we will go right ahead and get married! God help us all.. Amen

  157. Urmany says:

    I am in love with a girl that I later got to know she’s SS,I couldn’t bare to loose her cos she’s been the best woman that came into my life.

    She had told me to do the test but am scared if I turn out to be AS I know am not gonna marry her..

    I don’t know what to do!!!

  158. kanbi ade says:

    my name is raymon ,me and me and my fiancee want to marry each other bt am AC genotype and she is AS genotype can i go marry her and i love her with all heart.

  159. Esther Ojotule says:

    It has jst happened 2 me,jst discovered am AS so is my guy.is there no chance of nt producin ss babies? Wé’v actually good tru alot 2gether.jst can’t control my tears.

  160. Peace says:

    I wud advice dat u take d test twice before ending äny relatnship cos some läbs are very incompetent.my fiance is as änd i got tested in a lab dat took drops of blood from my thumb änd said i ws as,it ws devastating cos i ws planing for my introduction,then i went to my family hosppital and they took blood sample from my veins and d result wás aa.pls get tested twice and in a clinic if posible before concluding.thanks

  161. sinuolami says:

    Am AS and my guy is AS. We are so confused we do not what to now .plsssss hl meeeeeeeeee

  162. kemi says:

    hi i am happy that i can view a blog which air delicate matter like this. I’ve learnt a lot but i’m taking the risk of marrying my love who is AC while i’m AS. We’ll tomorrow as it comes……

  163. SB says:

    Please I’m AS and my partner is AC, is it ok for us to go ahead and have children

  164. Adeolu Adesuyi says:

    I think we Christians have underestimated the influence that Christ gave us as light of the world and salt of the earth. We are not suppossed to advise people to just give up on “impossible” situations as this, we are supposed to confront it in prayer. Jesus said He came that we might have life and life in abundance and here we are confronted with a situation that brings sickly children and limits the mandate of God on our lives. (Gen 1:28) because medical science have found a name for it, sickle cell anemia, and not a cure. Please read what God has to say about the situation in Isaiah 43:19, Mark 9:23, Mark 11:23,24. It’s up to christians as light of the world to drive this darkness out of the world and not tolerate it. LET US PRAY AGAINST IT. Christ was not wounded in vain nor chastised in vain nor were his stripes in vain. God bless you.

  165. I don’t really know my genotype pls can you help me? Or what of if i’m AA and my wife to be is AS what will i do?

  166. Alice says:

    My girl friend had this type of problem but she went out of it, after 4 years in relationship, de guy proposed 2 her, they later found out dat both of them r AS, for the sake of their future kids they both quit. But dey r still friends. Pls try n cut off the relatnship, ok.

  167. tunvegas says:

    update on genotype

  168. Ezekiel says:

    Can AA marry AA blood type

  169. Kelvin okowan says:

    What can a couple of the same genotype do if both of them are AS? and there children is going to be SS,

  170. Kelvin okowan says:

    What ca a couple of the same genotype do if both of them are A/S? and there children is going to be SS,

  171. tee says:

    gudday to every one in d house. i have been greatly touched by your posts.

    i have always subjected myself to HIV test since 2006 so as to know my HIV status. every time i go for a test, i’m being told dt i am negative. i had one in May dis year n d result was still negative. i was asked to check again in three months time, so in june i went for a comprehensive test (genotype, blood group n HIV test)

    the result showed that my genotype was AA, my boold group was O, but i was surprised that they didnt indicate whether i was positive or negative to, they just said ‘ANTI-RETROVIRAL SCREENING’

    pls i want to ask what is ANTI-RETROVIRAL SCREENING all about?


  172. taiwo says:

    pls wat does ‘ANTI-RETROVIRAL SCREENING’ mean? cos i got tested for HIV some months ago, n d result showed dt i was negative, bt four days afta, i also got tested in anoda clinic, bt to my surprise, dey did nt write whether i’m positive or negative, all dey wrote was ‘ANTI-RETROVIRAL SCREENING’, i dnt understand dt

  173. wuraola dawodu says:

    Well, I have fallen in love with a person that is AS genotype and I am SS genotype,I heard its a 50/50% cahnce and there is a test that can be done… Pls I need your help,advice me,

  174. Achor Hilary says:

    If an AA get married to AS would dey hav SS

  175. Bayonle says:

    Am a living witness,it broke up my two yrs relationship. I fink it should be d 1st fin 2 knw b4 som1 go ahead in any relationship.

  176. Helen says:

    What is the possibilty that a lady wth genotype AA and blood group B – and a man of AA genotype and blood group O+ give brith to a daughter AS

  177. abass says:

    Hi, thanks Ƒσя taking Ʋя time to explain to us our various genotype. Am engaged to my husband to be and my genotype is AA and genotype too is AA. Please can u ellaborate more on that if we can go ahead and marry. Because from mine calculation, its good but i need u to throw more light on it. And please can u mention the genotype our children may like have. Thanks and hope to hear from u soon.

  178. It seems like AA has side effect,can this be justified?

  179. Bola says:

    Right from birth, av known myslf to be AA,, just of recent, i was asked to do test…i did and i was tested as AS which is absurd and confusing. Is it possible for ones genotype to chnge??

  180. Uddy says:

    I am a 27 years old sickler,but am very strong, i dnt feel pains of any sort,unlike other sicklers am hardly sick and you will nt know that i am one,unless i open up to you. I belive this is what my mums faith in God has done for me. I have a gal i love soo much but i dnt know her genotype, am soo afriad to ask her but i keep praying day and night that she is AA,Cuz in her,lies my happiness,cnt imagine spending the rest of my life without her by my side cuz of genotype issue. Pls advice me through my email. Thanks.

  181. My girl is AS and i’m AA should I go on with the relationship which can lead to marriage?

  182. Emmanuel says:

    Am As and my girl friend is As too,is there possibility of both of ur coming together,please i need ur reply

  183. Hi! Both friends,if a girl found that she is As and her guy is also As,really both she depart! Without that,they both would have a chance of having an offspring with SS.

  184. Hi! Both friends,if a girl found that she is As and her guy is also As,really both should depart! Without that, both would have a chance of having an offspring with SS that is a problem to them.

  185. Hi! Friends,if a girl found that she is As gene and her guy is also As gene,both should depart! Without departing,they have a chance of having SS( a sickler) child.

  186. Nancy says:

    Am o-and mygenotype is As my fience is o+his genotype is AA can we get married

  187. marine says:

    Pls am married,I later got τ̅☺ know M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ and Ɣ spouse are both AS. We now have a baby of 3 months old. Am scared Ŋ☺w don’t know wot d baby’s genotype will turn out τ̅☺ ‎​βε̲̣̣̣̥. Am worried dnt know wot τ̅☺ do.

  188. abbey says:

    i m aa and she is ss can i marry her.pls enlighting me.

  189. Rukaiyatu tanko ahmadu says:

    Am sure this question has been asked before but is there nothing nothing at all to be done to help an AS/AS people in a relationship? Help please.

  190. nwafor.destiny.79@yaho.com says:

    blood gnotypy is reall bcoz it affect in future when u will b given birth 2 what u dont know may b u ar lyk person who lyk children nd ur wife giv birth cell bby am telling u 4rm d luv we start die u we c fightin meanin there no luv again so main ur blood gnotype is an important tnx?

  191. nwafor.destiny.79@yaho.com says:

    blood gnotypy is reall bcoz it affect in future when u will b given birth 2 what u dont know may b u ar lyk person who lyk children nd ur wife giv birth cell bby am telling u 4rm dat d luv we start die u we c fightin meanin there no luv again so main ur blood gnotype is very important tnx?

  192. DAVID says:

    Hi, my name is david, before i got married. I and my wife did a genotype test which was aa for both of us. Now we have two boys, we took them for test, they are both as. The doctor advice we go for another test, which was AS for both of us. Now we need to have more children. We need ur advise what do we do?

  193. Classical says:

    Hi, i had bin hearing of knwing one’s blood group/genotype for yrs now, but it was jst 4yrs ago dat i knew ma blood group wich is A+ but dat of genotype, i felt so reluctant to go for the test. But my own case is diferent hear cos the person am in a relationship wit which she is going 2 be ma wife told me last week dat her blood group is O, & her genotype is AA. my question now is “is there any need for me 2 go for genotype test”? Cos i belive even if am AS or SS, we can perfectly match

  194. Classical says:

    Hi, i had bin hearing of knwing one’s blood group/genotype for yrs now, but it was jst 4yrs ago dat i knew ma blood group wich is A+ but dat of genotype, i felt so reluctant to go for the test. But my own case is diferent hear cos the person am in a relationship wit which she is going 2 be ma wife told me last week dat her blood group is O, & her genotype is AA. my question now is “is there any need for me 2 go for genotype test”? Cos i believe even if am AS or SS, we can perfectly match.

  195. Enitan says:

    Am presently in a delima am carrying 8weeks pregnancy and jst discover we are both AS.I dnt want to abort bcos dis might b the end of my lif and at dsame time feeling guilty of bringing of an innocent soul to suffer the pain of SS.please what should I do?

  196. baba k says:

    Am AA while my friend is AS is it possible we gv birth to any AS

  197. kim says:

    I am a AS,people says it means always sick is that true

  198. Can someone with AC get marry to AS

  199. Please I wish that you put me through. I am a Revd. In the Anglican Church of Nigeria. I do not believe in this genotype of a thing, but my friend was saying that its important but could not prove it or explain it to me. Please enlighten me about it and please list for me their tables who and who is fit for who and who. And who and who is not fit for who and who. Thanks.

  200. Regina says:

    My genotype is AA ND My RH is D positive, pls i dnt knw who nd who i shuld nt get married 2

  201. ikpesa ogaga says:

    can a man with As married a woman with As

  202. Nasa says:

    I just discovered that am 3 weeks pregnant!
    We are both and love and would be willing to take the responsibilty of keeping the child.
    The bombshell dropped today when we both discover we’re AS! In this case, what do I do? Am beyond consolation.
    The agony is that we’ve been practising abstinence and a simple mistake led to this present state.
    Am so confused and beyond consolation.
    Any response would be appreciated

  203. Mukaila Adeniyi says:

    I have a girlfriend who says her genotype is AC, weird ain’t it. I av never had of such before. She even claim her mother and elder brother have the same thing. I am AA, i don,t know if there is any cause for alarm. Is her type really in existence?

  204. Opeiyiola says:

    wow! i’m so inspired by all the faith talk! and just one thing that comes to mind is Whose report do you believe????? *thanking God for my miracle* bcos he said when you ask,believe that you have recieved!!

  205. Goonsu Ikoku says:

    I am Goonsu, I am AA my girl-friend is AS. Please can i get marry to her? please write back immediately.

  206. Samuel says:

    thot I knew abt genotype issues until sum1 mentioned AC. Does dat genotype exist? Pls cure my confusion.

  207. Solomon says:

    How is sickle cell anemia inherited? (Back to Top)
    Sickle cell anemia is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern, which means that both copies of the gene in each cell have mutations. The parents of an individual with an autosomal recessive condition each carry one copy of the mutated gene, but they typically do not show signs and symptoms of the condition.[1] In regards to sickle cell anemia, a person who carries one copy of the mutated gene is said to be a carrier for the condition, or to have sickle cell trait. When two people who are carriers of an autosomal recessive condition have a child, there is a 25% (1 in 4) chance that the child will have the condition, a 50% (1 in 2) chance that the child will be a carrier like each of the parents, and a 25% (1 in 4) chance that the child will not have the condition and not be a carrier.
    Last Reviewed: 12/7/2010

    Is it possible to find out during pregnancy if the fetus will have sickle cell anemia? (Back to Top)
    Yes, prenatal testing can be performed to determine if a fetus will have sickle cell anemia. Genetic counseling is recommended for people who are interested in this type of testing.

    Before prenatal testing for sickle cell anemia can be done, each parent needs to have a genetic test to look for a mutation in the HBB gene. Once both parents’ mutations are known, DNA from the fetus can be tested to determine if the fetus has inherited the mutations. There are two common procedures for getting a sample of fetal DNA for testing. One of the procedures is called chorionic villus sampling (CVS), and it is typically done in the first trimester (between weeks 11 and 13). The other procedure is called amniocentesis, and it is typically done in the second trimester or later (from about week 16 onward). DNA samples collected from either of these procedures may be sent to a laboratory for sickle cell anemia mutation testing.[3]
    Last Reviewed: 12/20/2012

    Is there a way to prevent having a child with sickle cell anemia? (Back to Top)
    Preimplantation testing, also called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), is a specialized technique that can reduce the risk of having a child with a particular genetic or chromosomal disorder. It is used to detect genetic changes (mutations) in embryos that were created using in-vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF involves removing egg cells from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm cells outside the body. To perform preimplantation testing, a small number of cells are taken from these embryos and tested for the genetic changes in question. Only embryos without these changes may then be implanted in the uterus to initiate a pregnancy.[2]
    Last Reviewed: 12/7/2010

    How can I find a genetics professional in my area? (Back to Top)
    Genetics clinics are a source of information for individuals and families regarding genetic conditions, treatment, inheritance, and genetic risks to other family members. More information about genetic consultations is available from Genetics Home Reference. To find a genetics clinic, we recommend that you contact your primary healthcare provider for a referral.
    Ref; http://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/GARD/Condition/8614/QnA/31546/Sickle_cell_anemia.aspx

  208. Mariam says:

    GOD is still In †ђξ bussiness Of doing miracle, if only yøu Wiιι believe αnd Just ђave faith In him. i promise i ̶̷̩̥̊͡α̲̅s going τ☺ come here τ☺ share ♍y testimony, αnd now am here sharing Ȋt. i ̶̷̩̥̊͡α̲̅s once AS But after prayer αnd fasting αnd praises. He heard ♍ε αnd did Ȋt ƒøя ♍ε , am glad to say ♍y genotype is now AA. He can also Do Ȋt ƒøя yøu if only U Wiιι ask αnd ђave faith In him.

  209. Julie says:

    Pls can AS marry AC

  210. joshua kure says:

    Hi i am AS and my partinal is AS and were in love that i can let it go, please i need an addvice pls.

  211. shegun says:

    cn AA get married to an SS patient?pls reply me…plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  212. Johnson says:

    My child of 2yrs is s s what will i do

  213. Is it only As and As that does not match for marriage?

  214. Beautiful says:

    Prevention is always better than cure.

  215. okenyenwa says:

    my geneotype is AA and my blood group is A rh D positive. Pls. I need better explaination on this .

  216. gerald ekelie says:

    plz advice..my fiance genotype is As and am also As..wit blood group O+ ..i luv her with all my hrt…pls advice me on what to do…can i mari her

  217. olayinka says:

    Am lady with AC genotype and my boyfriend is AS can we marry

  218. Gifty says:

    I am AS and my fiance is also AS. We love each other so much. Please what should we do?

  219. Harrison obafemi olatunji says:

    I want 2 know more about genotype

  220. anti snoring says:

    Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace
    group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thank you

  221. lglove87 says:

    wow! i am aa can i mary to ss female? help me please

  222. Ugwu joy says:

    Can As male marry AA female

  223. honey says:

    Hi,av gone tru everyones comment on the issue of genotype.ds is my story.am in my late 30s ave gone thru several r/ship dats has gone down d drain due to several reasons xcluding genotype,bt I have faith dat I wil get marry one day..God answered my prayer I met ds young guy dat proposed to me I acceptd on d third day he ask for my genotype I confidently said AA,he was glad cus he is As.I just had a tot dat I shd recomfirm to my surprise I was AS, I felt like comitg sucide bt I was cosoled I later broke d news to him he felt bad.opin dat d r/ship wil die naturally bt mind u its gettin stronger everyday.am tryg to make it end cus I no d consequences and at d same time I have one strong faith dat I won’t ave ss child bt my patners faith is nt as strong as my cus his brother was a sickle. Pls advice me ave gone thru hell in d issue of mariage. I thot ds wil b d end of my sorrow bt no genotype is blockg us he really loves me n and age is nt on my side again.

  224. maryann delis says:

    If u guys love urselfs alot not to let go,then go for it but u must apply family planning i.e child spacing for atleast 2 years or more

  225. Some that as aa and some that as bb can they marry?

  226. paul says:

    Can AS blood genotype partner marry another AS blood genotype ?

  227. peace says:

    i am peace by name,i have a friend who always fall sick bt i dt understand her so i asked her oneday d reason y she always fall sick nd she said bcos her genotype is AA nd her blood is O at d same time.
    So i want to ask nw dat if someone genotype is AA nd d blood group is O at d same time as i said be4,is that person healthy or is dat person a sickler or is that person ok. Cos am confused.

  228. Barry Tee says:

    Thanks for what you are doing. I am about to enter into courtship with a sister in the church but when i asked her of her genotype she said she said that she is AS and i am AA and I begin to have daut in my mind about it and the outcome. So can you pls tell me the implications of it. -teebarineka@yahoo.com

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