What on Earth are you doing for Heaven’s sake?

aareb2.jpgI know you have heard the above phrase a lot of time. Maybe from your parents demanding to know what you are doing with your life or perhaps from a friend who just caught you doing what he or she might think is insane. One way or the other – we have been in a position were the above phrase was used on us.

Nah! This is not an English Class; I am going somewhere with this – so just stay with me.  I want you now to remove from your mind every thought you might think this phrase means. Open your mind and read it word for word like as though it is the first time you are coming across it. Now, let’s go What-on-Earth-are-you-doing-for-Heaven’s-sake-? Do you get it now? What on earth are you doing for heaven’s sake? What is your purpose on this earth? What is the reason for your existence? Why did God place you here on earth?  

You know what matters most in Eternity? It is not the five houses you have across the country or the amount of money in your bank account. It is “So what did you do with the talents and gifts I gave you?” “What became of the sheep’s I gave you to shepherd?” “How many souls did you bring into the Kingdom?” God forbid, we become speechless on that day. We have become so laid back in our approach to purpose and have allowed apathy to set it in. You know the scary thing, it is one thing not knowing your purpose but what about those that know it or should I say have an inkling and do nothing about it. Hmmm …James 4: 17 warns, “Remember it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” 

A man of God who came to minister in my church last weekend spoke about the fact that he had about seven cows. Six of those cows were female and the other one was a male. Noticed I used ‘was’…yep! Because the cow no longer exists….The purpose of the male cow was to impregnate the female cows but all the cow was doing was walking around the field, eating grass day after day…It was not fulfilling the purpose of why he was bought.  It was just existing…are you just existing? Anyhoo, one particular day, a member of his church was getting married and they wanted to buy a cow and was talking to the Man of God about it and suddenly he remembered his useless cow. “Don’t waste your money; I have a cow you can kill and roast for the day.” That was the end of the useless cow. I hope we all get that analogy – May we not become like that useless cow. 

Your purpose is far greater than you. It is in your purpose that you will find fulfilment. What are those things in your life that has replaced the true purpose of God? Your purpose is your next level. Locate your next level and pursue it.    

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2 Responses to What on Earth are you doing for Heaven’s sake?

  1. bimbylads says:

    eye opening truth, its been on my mind lately too..may God give us the grace and boldness to be fruitful for his kingdom. Its what matters above all things..

  2. Sheyi says:

    Deola, nice article! I just want to point something out: what about the people who don’t who know that they have a purpose but do not know what it is or how to go about fufilling God’s purpose in their life? The message is on point and I’d like to add that we as chhildren of God need to humble ourselves first and foremost before we do anything “for heaven’s sake” If you read James 4:7-8 (NIV): It read “Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. come near to God and he will come near to you.” Apathy is a tool that the devil uses as a matter of fact it is a tool that our flesh uses to justify our being idle in God’s ministry. I ask you children of God: are we really committed to God? Do we understand that paying tithes and offering is not about the pastor but OUR own commitment towards the kingdom? Hmm… I thnik in terms of locating the next level, we should revisit the first level complete submission to the will of God. I beleive from there God will visit us and the we can get to work for Heaven’s sake. 🙂

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