Stop Press!!!


Hello guys,

                   Sorry for not updating. A lot is going on at the moment – Started a new job (I give God the glory) but most importantly I am working on my upcoming Novel which is really taking most of my writing time.  I will be updating but it wont be as regular as before (maybe three times a month) Please bear with me. A big thank you to everyone who visits  this blog and for all your encouraging words – It really means a lot and has propelled me into believing in my writing.

Please, still feel free to leave comments – I will definetely reply them. Every time I write, I always pray it ministers to the people who will read it and I know God answers my prayer. Most of the comments will testify to that. 

A little word of encouragement  –

Never let your situation define you… when challenges come, always know that “This too shall pass”

Rise above any limitation and know that there is no mountain too great….HAVE FAITH!

Believe in yourself but most importantly in the God that believes in you.

You were placed in the Kingdom for such a time as this ……Maximise every God given opportunity!

Adeola Adelekun

Watch this space!!

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3 Responses to Stop Press!!!

  1. A new job and a new book?
    Looks like things are really moving for you.
    Keep up the good work and keep being determined.

  2. Anon says:

    I enjoy your writing…do you also speak to singles…Please ensure that my contact email is not post online but I need to talk to you about the posibilities of you speaking at a youth conference in Geneva and Manchester.


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