It is that time of the year – the time when you sit and reflect on how many of your numerous requests and promises have been fulfilled, how many of your goals have been actioned and how many of your prayers have been answered. Just like you, I have also brought out my note pad and ticked goals I have achieved and the ones I’ve failed to achieve this year due to lethargy and misplaced priorities.  

During the year, some have stumbled & failed in their relationship but still maintained the desire and zeal to make it what it used to be, some have finally said ‘I do’, some have come out of relationships they thought will lead to marriage, others have found the one they intend to take to the altar and spend the rest of their lives with and some are still in the current situation they were this time last year – No partner ‘yet’. In all things, let’s give thanks.  

I have titled this article ‘Issues’ because what I’m about to share with you will go a long way in helping you. No matter what stage you are in, whether you are quarter to getting married or haven’t met the right person. Sit back, relax, grab a bowl of popcorn if you wish and reflect on these scenarios. If the shoe fits – wear it and make up your mind not to allow any of the below issues follow you into the New Year.

Scenario 1 – Balance

She remembered how Dan had climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean to win her heart. He was the hunter and she was the prey. Like a man, he had wrestled her heart to the floor, pinned it down and never took no for an answer. She loved his determination and it wasn’t long before she finally agreed to date him. They had been dating for two years and everything had been perfect until he got a double promotion at work. He hardly calls and if he does – it’s just a quick one to explain why he had to cancel dinner or why he wouldn’t be able to stay on the phone for more than a minute. She was happy he got a promotion, afterall they had been praying for it – what she could not understand was why he couldn’t have balance. Amy searched for the Dan she had walked into love with but couldn’t find him. She thought back to when last she saw him – 5 months ago. She remembered the last conversation she had with him and all that kept coming to her was his response to the whole situation, “I am just very busy.” She thought out loud, “Will he be able to balance family life, work & ministry when we get married?” The thought brought shivers to her spine.  

Scenario 2 – Appearance

Larry needed to talk to someone urgently. He needed to pour his heart out before he looses his mind. He decided to take a quick drive to Dan’s house.  His mind glanced back to the last time he saw Melinda – he couldn’t believe his eyes. It grew worse with every passing day and he could not bear to see her that way anymore. She was fast evolving from a doll to a troll. She had become too comfortable in their relationship that she does not bother about her appearance anymore. “What on earth was that thing on her head and what happened to her dress sense? Does she not realise men are attracted to what they see?” he thought out loud, “What happened to the girl I walked on hot coals for? Will her appearance worsen when we finally get married?” The thought made him cringe. 

Scenario 3 – Love

Pastor Dee reclined on her seat and remembered the conversation she had with Anna who had come to register for the pre marital guidance class some few hours ago. Pastor Dee had called her into the office to have a quick chat with her about the man she was planning to marry. Anna went on and on about the job he has, the car he drives, the sort of designer shoes he wears and his ‘mad’ body. When Pastor Dee finally had a chance to speak, she looked straight into her eyes and asked, “So do you love him?” “Well, I don’t know – I’m just happy he has a vision” she replied. After Anna had left, Pastor Dee thought out loud, “What happened to the days when love used to be a prerequisite before getting married? When did having a car and a couple of nice shoes equate to having a vision?” The thought made her heart heavy.

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3 Responses to Issues

  1. korede says:

    profound insight… deola let me know if you’re looking for financial sponsors for your book o! just cut me in 😉

  2. B says:

    Deola – this is very good! Issues – however, small or minor, an issue is an issue. Total peace of mind is what we all want in a relationship.

  3. funmiquest says:

    eola,u’re really doin a great job.Most people don’t know the essence of a concrete relationship.Common,preach it to dem girl.

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