Singles – Get Ready!!!

What a good year this is going to be. Singles, get ready, get ready, get ready. I am so excited! This is a message from God’s heart to you this year.  I got this word in my spirit at the beginning of December last year but wasn’t really sure if I needed to write it for December or January. I kept getting the prompting it was for January – I still was not very sure because it isn’t the regular “singles article” (you now what I mean) but this morning just as I was wondering what God wanted to say to the singles in the first month of 2008; there in front of me – the same word I got in my spirit a few weeks back, the same word that rang through my mind the previous night was starring right at me in my daily devotional. Singles, this is your year!

For a few seconds, forget the fact that you do not have a partner yet and for those with partners – give thanks to God! As long as you have not said your marriage vows – you are still a single and as far as I am concerned; a single out there needs to hear this word. God is saying to you this year – “Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of your habitations: spare not, lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes”.  I know you have read it so many times but please allow me to explain what God is saying to you.

What is it that you want to become?  What have you ever thought of achieving? What were those goals you failed to accomplish last year because you could not imagine yourself do? The bible says; as far as your eyes can see, I will give it to you – What can your eyes see? What are your eyes seeing? Singles – Broaden your horizons.  Spare not – Can you imagine it? The bible says whatever a man thinketh, so he is – What are you thinking? Spare not your imagination (excuse my English).  Another version says, Do not hold back – You can have what you say with your mouth. Use your mouth to chat the course of your life. The word of God is very powerful – use the word to create the world you want to live in. 

Are you comfortable where you are now? Don’t be. Wherever you are in life, never think you have gotten all there is to get. My dears, there are depths in God. You know when God said in Jeremiah – I am the God of all flesh, is anything to hard for me? Oh my! Oh my! I feel like jumping up and down…as simple as that verse seems, it is powerful!! Your God is powerful…when I say that verse over and over in my mind – I feel an explosion within me. Let the word of God and your faith work for you this year. 

With your God – Nothing is impossible! That is why God said there is nothing impossible with him – because he created you and there is nothing to big your mind can cook up that HE can not do. You need to re-read that last sentence again. This is so good; I will have to read my own article again.  How can I convey my excitement to you! I am excited for us this year. In saying all this, you need to be careful what you say with your mouth this year – remember that long thing between your mouth holds the power to life and death. I know many of us say it,– “There are no guys in this country, there are no ladies in this church, blah blah…” keep saying that and you won’ find any man or woman even if they step up right to your face. Learn to make positive confessions. Let’s rebuke apathy this year – you want to stand before kings? Be diligent with your work this year. What are the talents God has given you? Utilize them fully. Prioritise you work – I couldn’t accomplish a few of my goals last year due to misplaced priorities.

Things are going to be different this year; I’m determined to accomplish my set goals for the year by the grace of God.   You want to know the first word God said to man –“Be fruithful and multiply”. I like the way the message bible translates it, watch this – “God blessed them and said “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge!”  In every situation you find yourself – keep the faith. When Jesus hung on the cross and said “it is finished” He didn’t just say that for saying sake – He was saying whatever you situation you face, know that you are an overcomer already because the battle has been fought and won. Stand on the authority God has given you.  Singles – I dare you to expand your vision this year! I dare you to think big! I dare you to lengthen your cords! I dare you to strengthen your stakes! I dare you not to hold back! I dare you to be fruitful! I dare you to take charge! Get ready ……you are in for a ride!  Remember – as far as your eyes can see!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Welcome to 2008.    

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7 Responses to Singles – Get Ready!!!

  1. simeon says:

    hi deola….my prayer for u and everyone dat has read this piece is that we would not run out of steam as the months roll by. i enjoy reading ur inspired write-ups and the contributions from the other readers….i believe dats wot iron sharpens iron is all the end of the day the two irons are sharper…
    and..pls lets all remeber that God’s standard’s are set..we cant afford to fall shot cos He has given us the grace for the journey.
    now y’all go ahead and have a fruitful year .


  2. Tintinbebe says:

    Hi Adeola,

    I am the girl that wrgte to you last fall and told you I had just moved to New Jersey and was looking for a good church where I could connect with singles and share God’s love etc. Well, I found one! I found a wonderful, active Redeemed church in Jersey and the singles ministry there is “kicking” as well. I kinda accidentally started an e-mail blog where we talk about random issues and one of the other singles started an online newsgroup for things are definitely working out.

    I haven’t read your January blog yet, I am about to.. but I wish you well and pray that all your blessings and prayers from God come to manifestation in this new year.


  3. Hello tintinbebe – of course I remember you. I’m so happy for you. Please give me the details of the email blog and the online group thingy…I definetely will like to see it. See how God works.

    Thank you for the prayers – I wish u well 2 and I pray that God will open doors for you and favour you throughout the year. Take care my dear and keep in touch!

  4. mayowa david o says:

    hello adeola,
    how are you doing i can see you are doing a good job,but i seem to be confused about the issue of genotype and i need your advise because i have had series of advice given to me but i have been very sturbon about it because i love my angel so well.
    adeola,i will be expecting your repply and i pray for you that the grace of the living God will be sufficient for you in Jesus name.
    call me david.

  5. Michael Oye says:

    Dear Adeola!
    Thanks for all your advice
    I am about to get marry to my intended in few months,we are stock with genotype Challenged,she’s AC ,I am AS she didn’t want to IVF,abortion is not an option .
    I just want to know if you have any opinion that could help ?
    My spirit is so damped

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