Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned!!!


I remember the first time I saw the theme of this article – it was from a friend’s blog. She had written a fantasy novel and titled it “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. At first, I really didn’t understand what the title meant until week after week, she unraveled the mystery and suspense of the novel. I thought; what could a man do to a woman that will make her go to the extent of cooking up a deadly revenge for years? How bad can a man make a woman go insane because of love? What can make hell’s fury seem like a burning ant next to a scorned woman? I have been told never to judge unless I can put myself in the shoes of those am judging and wonder what I would have done in their position? Choices, like they say is in our hands – the ability to choose right from wrong or in this case, should I say ability to discern a human being from a snake.


She had been in two or three odd relationships and had decided to put a stop to it till she found the ‘one’. The one who would finally sweep her off her feet and ask the question every girl wants to hear at a certain time of her life – “Will you marry me?” Life was perfect; Teni had found a good job and was finally moving back home to pursue her career. Being single for two years had made her heart frozen to the idea of a relationship. A couple of days in Nigeria and Jabbar was to be the man Teni had been waiting for all her life. She was a bit skeptical because she had heard a lot of stories about guys in this part of the world being ‘players’ but the reverse was the case for Jabbar. He wasn’t the typical guy she would date but spending more & more time with him made him the perfect thing since slice bread. He made her laugh (one thing she always looked for in a life partner), puts her first in everything and gave her the attention she deserved. Teni, couldn’t answer what was to be the most difficult question in her life – Jabbar wanted something she just couldn’t give him – a relationship.


She just couldn’t get over the fact that it wasn’t right to be yoked to someone who had shown her what ‘love’ was all about. She had grown to love him despite their many differences and backgrounds; her family was fond of him and vice versa. Jabbar was not going to take ‘No’ for an answer, he was persistent – she remembered clearly, that particular day, the day that will soon be the day she would regret for the rest of her life. The day she took matters into her own hands, the day she decided to let her heart make the worst decision probably to be recorded in the life of an innocent girl. He came visiting as usual, he was standing in the middle of her living room with tears in his eyes “Teni, I can’t let go off you! I can not take no for an answer again, we will sort out the religious aspect when we get to that bridge, worse comes to worse, we will stick to our religion, no one has to change for another. I just want you in my life.” It was the sweetest thing she had heard in a long time. She liked the idea he wasn’t forcing her to change to Islam, how could she say ‘No’ besides she was head over heels in love.

To be continued!

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16 Responses to Hell Hath No Fury like a Woman Scorned!!!

  1. simeone says:

    o.k o..bring the part 2 quickly..
    reli good to have back….

  2. Ekwy says:

    this is what i don’t like oh!
    what is all this ‘to be continued’ for now…

  3. Thank you simeone!!
    @ Ekwy – patience is a virtue oooo!!!!! lol!!!! very soon

  4. Kafo says:


    no no no
    u can’t leave us hanging
    i was waiting
    ahh i wanted to know more
    ah ha now

    i am not happy now

    i’ll be back(said in my terminator voice)

  5. Kola says:

    Nice One – welcome back after a long time. You know this is your thing so please keep doing it!

    But what’s up with this ‘to be continued’ business? I think you’ve been watching too much Naija movies…

    And what sort of name is Jabber? Lol… well, I guess that’s one of Deola’s misteries.

  6. Sstar says:

    Deola I am so happy to see u back doing what u do best. When should we expect the second chapter? Love the intrigue and suspense, interesting names and disguise. Take care love.

  7. @Sstar – i wish i knew who u were………..the second chapter shld be coming out real soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mrs O says:

    whats all this to be continued business ……

  9. secret says:

    love the disguise ……….

  10. Kindly remember:

    The stories are work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues are products of my imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

    Thank you

  11. dynamiqueprofesseur says:

    I like your blog and I must say this particular story is a nice one. Keep it up.
    Much Love.

    Do take a look at my blog if u r free.


  12. DiAmOnD hawk says:

    been 3 months… is part 2 coming out?

  13. Would love to hear Part 2. I’ve been coming back for about a year now and still no update. What’s up with that? Please keep us posted. Hope you are in good spirit and health.

  14. nargis says:

    very nice one…
    i am waiting for continue, what can be the continue???
    waiting okkkkkkk!!!

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